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Iowa State Prisons and Facilities

There are nine state prisons in Iowa. They have varying degrees of custody, and a few have minimum-security satellite camps as well. The state is divided into eight judicial districts, and the prisons are spread among them. Additionally, the state of Iowa has an entire community corrections department supervising people on parole and probation. They have offices in all eight judicial districts. These types of community corrections programs include the following:

Residential correctional facilities:

  • “Pretrial services.
  • Pre-sentence investigations.
  • Probation supervision.
  • Parole supervision.
  • Special sentence supervision.
  • Work Release - offenders who are transitioning from prison to the community per the decision by the board of parole.
  • OWI Continuum - offenders sentenced to prison for second, third, or subsequent offense drunk driving may be diverted to residential correctional facilities to receive substance abuse treatment per the Iowa Code.
  • Probation - offenders ordered to community supervision by the sentencing judge may be required to reside in a residential correctional facility for a period of time, as an alternative to incarceration.
  • Other offenders residing in residential correctional facilities may be Federal, interstate compact, offenders on special sentence, etc.”

The state prison facilities in Iowa include:

  • Anamosa State Penitentiary.
  • Clarinda Correctional Facility.
  • Fort Dodge Correctional Facility.
  • Iowa Correctional Institution for Women.
  • Iowa Medical and Classification Center.
  • Iowa State Penitentiary.
  • Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility.
  • Newton Correctional Facility.
  • North Central Correctional Facility.

The Iowa Department of Corrections and Director Beth Skinner are in charge of Iowa state prison inmate records, all facilities, and staff members. Anyone interested in performing an Iowa state prison inmate search must contact the Iowa Department of Corrections directly or use the inmate locator feature on their website. They make it pretty easy to search for an inmate. They also provide information on visitation, sending money or gifts and other details for family and friends of inmates.

Iowa State Prison Inmates

There are about 8,500 people in prison in Iowa. Of that total, the majority are serving sentences between 10–20 years. Seventy-four percent of those inmates are male and the rest female. Seventy-six percent are white, 18% are Black, 6% are Hispanic and the rest other races. The statistics on the type of crime that landed them in jail is spread pretty evenly between drug charges (27%), violent crimes (24%), property crimes (24%), and public disorder (25%). The other 3% committed other crimes not listed.

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