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Iowa Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Iowa has two different types of juvenile detention facilities in the state. First, they have one state school run by the Iowa Department of Human Services. Then there are twelve county juvenile detention centers. These facilities are run by local county youth services agencies. Each type of facility serves a different demographic of youth offenders and offers different programs and services.

Both the Iowa Department of Human Services and local county youth services divisions are the government agencies in charge of Iowa juvenile inmate records. There is no way to run an Iowa juvenile detention center inmate search online. Therefore, anyone requesting information on a youth offender would need to contact either the state Department of Human Services or the local county juvenile detention center directly. Family and friends will have an easier time getting information than a stranger.

The complete list of juvenile detention facilities in Iowa are:

  • Polk County Juvenile Detention.
  • North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services.
  • Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Central Iowa Juvenile Detention.
  • Scott County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Linn County Juvenile Detention.
  • Sioux City Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Linn County Juvenile Justice Center.
  • Council Bluffs Juvenile Detention.
  • Toledo Juvenile Home.
  • Pace Juvenile Center
  • Iowa State Training School for Boys.
  • Woodbury County Juvenile Detention.

Iowa State School for Boys

The Iowa State School for Boys provides rehabilitation combined with custody and education all in one. This school is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). This facility serves males 12 to 18 years old. Their facility runs off the following principles:

  • “Providing a structured treatment setting for males between the ages of 12 to 18;
  • &Providing the most appropriate setting while protecting communities;
  • &Developing individual care plans which provide a diversity of innovative and effective programs within the framework of professional correctional standards, legislative intent, and available resources;
  • &Providing a comprehensive education program for youth; and
  • &Facilitating the transition of the young man back to his community.”

County Juvenile Detention Centers

Many counties have their own juvenile detention centers providing either short-term holding for pretrial detainees or more extended-term care for youth offenders sentenced by the state to confinement and rehabilitation.

Facts and Statistics

Most of the kids in juvenile detention are there due to violent behavior like assault. Drug and alcohol charges are also at the top of the list for youth offenders in Iowa.

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