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Indiana State Prisons and Facilities

There are seventeen state prisons in Indiana. Each serves a different demographic with two of the state prisons housing only female inmates.

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) is the government agency in charge of all seventeen facilities along with Indiana state prison inmate records. If the public wants to locate an inmate, they can use the inmate locator feature right on the IDOC’s website. They make it very easy for anyone to perform an Indiana state prison inmate search 24/7. Robert E. Carter Jr. is the Commissioner for the Indiana Department of Corrections, and he works closely with the state Governor to oversee all correctional facilities, staff, and inmates. Along with confinement, they offer community corrections overseeing the parole and probation populations. In an effort to reduce recidivism, they offer pre-release reentry services. All inmates are required to go through a reentry course which includes: “Orientation, Economic Issues, Stress Issues, Family Related Issues (Parenting/Reintegration), Health and Wellness, Substance Abuse/Addictions Recovery Education and Resources, Community Programming, Budgeting, Employment Skill Building (i.e. resumes), and Community Resources.” Staff is also required to participate in continuing education programs to better serve the state and the prisoners.

The list of state prisons in Indiana includes:

  • Branchville.
  • Chain O’Lakes.
  • Correctional Industrial.
  • Edinburgh.
  • Indiana State Prison.
  • Heritage Trail.
  • Indiana Women’s Prison.
  • Madison Miami.
  • New Castle.
  • Pendleton.
  • Plainfield.
  • Putnamville.
  • Rockville (Female).
  • South Bend Community.
  • Wabash Valley.
  • Westville.

The IDOC also has contracted with SAVIN notification service for victims of offenders within the state. This program allows the victims to be alerted if an inmate is to be released or moved to a new facility.

They also provide offenders with a phone system so they can schedule calls with family and friends. Their mission states: “We promote public safety by providing meaningful, effective opportunities for successful reentry.” They serve this mission through their vision of: “As the model of best correctional practices, we strive to return productive citizens to our communities and inspire a culture of accountability, integrity, and professionalism.”

Indiana State Prison Inmates

Roughly 26,000 people are incarcerated in the state of Indiana. The average age of most inmates there is 33.5. About 62% of the inmates are white, and almost 33% are Black, 4% are Hispanic, and the rest other races. The state correctional budget totals 528,524,906.

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