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Indiana Juvenile Detention Center

Indiana has only one type of juvenile correctional facility in the state, and they are juvenile detention centers. The state has twenty of them spread across different areas. Each of them holds pretrial detainees and youth offenders who have been sentenced to confinement.

The Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services is the government agency in charge of all Indiana juvenile inmate records and facilities. They can help someone locate a youth offender because it is not possible to perform an online Indiana juvenile detention center inmate search. Juvenile records are kept private until the youth turns 18, then they can apply to the courts to have those records expunged.

Indiana Juvenile Detention Centers

Each of the juvenile detention centers in Indiana has different levels of custody and serves a diverse age group and demographic. Depending on the needs of the youth, each facility offers different types of programs, including education, substance abuse treatment, and help with mental health issues. The list of juvenile detention centers include:

  • Allen County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Bartholomew County Youth Services Center.
  • Clark County Clementine B. Barthold Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Dearborn County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Delaware County Youth Opportunity and Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Elkhart County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Grant County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Hamilton County Youth Center.
  • Howard County Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center.
  • Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Johnson County Dickison Juvenile Justice Center.
  • Knox County Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village.
  • Lake County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • LaPorte County Dorothy S. Crowley Juvenile Services Center.
  • Madison County Youth Services Center.
  • Marion County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Porter County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • St. Joseph County Juvenile Justice Center.
  • Vanderburgh County Youth Care Center.
  • Vigo County Juvenile Center.

The Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services has a unit in charge of standards, and they conduct annual reviews and produce audit reports. For 2018, they state that: “The 2018 annual juvenile detention facility evaluations conducted by the IDOC, Division of Youth Services consisted of three on-site facility inspections; staff and youth interviews; and an audit of the state detention standards.” Additionally, “Compliance with 100% of the mandatory standards and 90% of the recommended standards is required to attain “Full Compliance.”

Facts and Statistics

The average daily population of male youth offenders is 374, and for females, that number is 36. The three most common offenses perpetrated by youth offenders are robbery, burglary, and battery. Some are incarcerated due to possession of a firearm while being underaged.

Indiana Juvenile Detention Centers

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