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Indiana County Jail Facilities

There is only one type of short-term confinement facility in Indiana, and they are county jails. There are dozens of county jails in Indiana, with at least one in each county. These jails hold pretrial detainees and inmates who have been sentenced to short terms in jail rather than prison.

All local county jails fall under the direction of the local county Sheriff’s Offices. They are the law enforcement agency who is in charge of Indiana county jail inmate records. If someone is interested in performing an Indiana county jail inmate search, they should contact the local Sheriff’s Office or check their website for an inmate listing or search feature.

On the local Sheriff’s websites, they have information on how to post bail/bonds, and the prices range from $355-$150,000. They also display the hours of visitation and provide video visitation for immobile family members. They also offer details on inmates receiving phone calls, mail, money for the commissary, and visits from a local minister.

Many of these websites are very comprehensive, with tons of information about all sorts of public safety issues. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office posts their mission as: “The Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services for the people of Indianapolis and Marion County. This includes managing the county’s jails and prisoners, securing all county government facilities, serving and enforcing court orders, executing property sales, and more.”

Local County Jails

The oldest jails in Indiana date back to the early 1800s. Then the first prison was built in Jefferson, Indiana, in 1822. Early jails had very few cells and held prisoners only until they were hanged or punished publicly.

Modern jails have been updated; they have many more cells and different levels of custody. Now that they hold inmates for longer terms, they have additional resources, allow family and friend visitation, and some even have a commissary. The available amenities vary by jail.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are roughly 16,000 people in local county jails in Indiana. A high number of those people are arrested and thrown in jail in Indiana for weapons charges. After that, the most common crimes committed that land someone in jail is probation violation, robbery, drug crimes, and fraud. About 61% of all jail inmates are white, and 33.8% are Black, 4% are Hispanic, and the rest unknown races.


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