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Indiana Inmate Search

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How Are Inmate Records in Indiana Created and Stored?

All types of law enforcement agents create inmate records in Indiana. When someone is arrested by local police or Sheriff's Office, a RAP sheet is filled out with the suspect’s name, address, physical description, and crime details. After that everything that happens in the inmate's life is documented and added into the file. This documentation becomes the inmate's permanent record and follows them through the prison system. The Indiana Department of Correction is the government agency in charge of maintaining and storing these records. Indiana inmate records are kept online in a centralized database, making it easy for anyone to perform an Indiana inmate search.

How to Perform an Indiana Inmate Locator?

Often victims, friends, family, or even the general public decide they want to look up an Indiana inmate. The state of Indiana makes finding someone in prison in Indiana very easy. They have an Indiana inmate locator feature right on the Indiana Department of Correction's website . It is best to have the offender's ID number, but if not, a search can be performed using the first and last name of the person. The process for finding someone in an Indiana jail or federal prison may be different. When performing an official Indiana inmate search, always contact the state DOC to find an inmate. When performing a private lookup for Indiana inmate records, try out the Infotracer search tool. It includes criminal records, arrests, court cases and more. 

What Does Indiana’s Prison System Look Like?

The state of Indiana has a simple prison system with only two main types of facilities, intake to receive and evaluate inmates and state prisons to hold them for the duration of their sentence. The prison facilities in Indiana include:

  • 17 State Prisons
  • 1 Federal Prison
  • 20 Juvenile Detention Centers
  • 2 Intake Facilities
  • Community Corrections Program

The entire prison system is operated and managed by the Indiana Department of Correction headed up by Commissioner, Rob Carter.

Did you Know?

  • 0.38% of people in Indiana are under correctional control, from which 108,302 are on probation, and 8,385 are on parole.
  • Every year, about 10,158 people walk out of prison gates in Indiana, but people go to jail 1.0 times more each year
  • 91% of prison inmates in Indiana are male, 9% female.
  • From 1979–80 to 2012–13, state and local government expenditures on corrections in Indiana increased by 259 percent (from $273,632,494 to $982,587,000).
  • Between 2007 and 2016, the Indiana prison population decreased by 6%

Types of Jails and Prisons in Indiana

Unlike many other states, Indiana has a pretty basic structure for its corrections system. The state has seventeen state prisons to house long-term sentencing offenders, two intake facilities to determine where to send them and a community corrections program for re-entry. The state also has only one federal prison but has a high number (21) of juvenile detention centers to deal with youth offenders under the age of 18. The Indiana Department of Correction's mission states: "We promote public safety by providing meaningful, effective opportunities for successful re-entry."

How Many People are Locked up in Indiana?

Indiana’s prison system holds 25,546 residents in various kinds of correctional facilities, from which 21,112 residents are held in state prisons, 79 in federal prisons, 25 in juvenile correctional facilities, and 403 in local jails.

Correctional Facilities:Totals:
Juvenile Correctional Facilities25
Federal Prisons79
State Prisons21,112
Local Jails403
Private Prisons3,927

Indiana State Prisons

Indiana has seventeen state prisons housing about 26,000 inmates at any given time. The state prisons are differentiated by custody type ranging from maximum-security to minimum-security. After being thoroughly tested and evaluated, prisoners are assigned to one of the state facilities to serve out their sentences. The state prisons in Indiana are:

  • Chain O'Lakes Correctional Facility
  • Edinburgh Correctional Facility
  • Madison Correctional Facility
  • South Bend Community Re-Entry Center
  • Heritage Trail Correctional Facility
  • Branchville Correctional Facility
  • Correctional Industrial Facility
  • New Castle Correctional Facility
  • Plainfield Correctional Facility
  • Putnamville Correctional Facility
  • Rockville Correctional Facility (Female)
  • Westville Correctional Facility
  • Miami Correctional Facility
  • Wabash Valley Correctional Facility
  • Indiana State Prison
  • Indiana Women's Prison
  • Pendleton Correctional Facility


Two of the facilities in Indiana are devoted to female prisoners only.

How to Locate State Prison Offender Information

The Indiana Department of Correction makes it very easy for anyone to perform an Indiana state prison inmate search any time of day or night. They have an offender locator feature right on their website. The steps to find an inmate locked up in state prison in Indiana are:

  1. Visit the Indiana Department of Correction's website
  2. Off the main menu, choose the "Offender Locator" button
  3. Now enter either the offender's last name (the first name is optional) or the offender's ID. Use only one of the search forms at a time
  4. Hit the search button and review the results
  5. The results will show the name, DOC number, date of birth, race, gender, and facility. Clicking on the DOC number will show additional details for the inmate


Indiana Federal Prisons

Indiana only has one federal prison called Terre Haute FCC. The complex has two facilities: FCI Terre Haute and USP Terre Haute. FCI Terre Haute is a medium-security facility holding 1,306 male inmates. USP Terre Haute is a maximum-security facility holding 1,366 male inmates. Federal prisons hold inmates who broke federal laws, and the federal prison system is managed and operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB).

Indiana's Federal Prison Population During 2011-2016 years


How to Search for Federal Prison Inmates

The federal prison system is not integrated with Indiana's state prisons; therefore, anyone wanting to lookup an Indiana inmate in federal prison must contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) directly. The FOB does have an inmate locator feature on their website that the public can use. Another option is to look up the federal facility and call them directly using the contact information from the website. Each facility in each state has its own web page on the FOB website with contact details and information on how to visit, send gifts, or receive calls from federal inmates.

Indiana County Jails

County jails hold recently arrested inmates awaiting their initial hearing, a trial or who have been sentenced to a short stint in jail. In Indiana, county jails are operated and managed by the local Sheriff's Office. There are 97 counties in Indiana, and most have a local Sheriff's Office with jurisdiction over all the towns within the county. There is no centralized list of county jails in the state but interested parties can contact the Indiana Department of Correction for a complete listing.

Indiana's County and Local Jail Prison Population During 2011-2016 years


How to Perform an Indiana Jail Inmate Search

Each Indiana jail is managed and operated by the local county Sheriff's Office. Therefore, anyone wanting to perform an Indiana jail inmate search must contact the Sheriff's Office directly. Many of the local counties have websites with an inmate locator feature on them. Some counties have even teamed up to provide this service together. An additional resource may be a bail bondsman website where all jail inmates may be listed.

Indiana Juvenile Detention Centers

Indiana has a high number (20) of juvenile detention centers. These facilities are in place to help rehabilitate youth offenders to keep them out of prison later in life. The twenty juvenile detention centers in Indiana are:

  • Allen County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Bartholomew County Youth Services Center
  • Clark County Clementine B. Barthold Juvenile Detention Center
  • Dearborn County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Delaware County Youth Opportunity and Juvenile Detention Center
  • Elkhart County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Grant County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Hamilton County Youth Center
  • Howard County Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center
  • Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Johnson County Dickison Juvenile Justice Center
  • Knox County Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village
  • Lake County Juvenile Detention Center
  • LaPorte County Dorothy S. Crowley Juvenile Services Center
  • Madison County Youth Services Center
  • Marion County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Porter County Juvenile Detention Center
  • St. Joseph County Juvenile Justice Center
  • Vanderburgh County Youth Care Center
  • Vigo County Juvenile Center


Juvenile Population in Custody During 2011-2016 years


How to Search for Juvenile Detention Center Inmates

Youth offenders are sent to juvenile detention centers to await sentencing, trial, or for the punishment of their crimes. There are twenty facilities in the state, so finding an inmate might be tricky. The best course of action is to contact the Indiana Department of Correction, Division of Youth Services to find them. Juvenile records are generally unavailable to the public, so searching for an Indiana inmate in a juvenile detention center may not be possible except for family, friends and legal counsel.

Indiana Intake Facilities

Indiana's intake facilities are where an offender begins their incarceration journey. These two facilities, test and evaluate each inmate thoroughly to determine which of the seventeen state prison facilities best suits them. The two facilities are:

  • Rockville Correctional Facility (Female).
  • Reception Diagnostic Center (Male).

The staff at these intake facilities use interviews, reports, and diagnostic tests to evaluate each inmate.

How to Search for an Inmate in an Indiana Intake Facility

New inmates spend some time within an intake facility until they are assigned to state prison. These facilities are under the direction of the Indiana Department of Correction, and therefore, they make it easy to lookup a prison inmate in Indiana. Follow the steps below to find an Indiana inmate located in an intake facility:

  1. Visit the Indiana Department of Correction's website .
  2. Off the main menu, choose the "Offender Locator" button.
  3. Now enter either the offender's last name (the first name is optional) or the offender's ID. Use only one of the search forms at a time.
  4. Hit the search button and review the results.
  5. The results will show the name, DOC number, date of birth, race, gender, and facility. Clicking on the DOC number will show additional details for the inmate.

Why are People Incarcerated in Indiana?

Roughly 47,000 people are incarcerated in Indiana. The biggest group (26,000) are in state prison, with another 16,000 in local county jails. About 3,300 are in federal prison, and the remaining 1,600 are in youth detention centers with another 150 in mental institutions. The most popular reason that someone is in prison in Indiana is drug charges. The second most popular reason is assault and property-related crimes. The murder rate is pretty low in Indiana with both male and female offenders. Due to prison overcrowding, the state has instituted new laws re-categorizing felony crimes. However, there is talk that although this may help overcrowding in the prisons now the jails are overpopulated.

Indiana’s Incarceration Rate and Statistics

Indiana’s incarceration rate for year-end 2016 under state prison or local jail jurisdiction per 100,000 population was 384, which is lower than an average incarceration rate by 15%. The number of Indiana prisoners at the year-end of 2016 was 25,546, from which 9% were female prisoners, whereas the number of male prisoners was 23,341 in 2016.


Where Do Indiana Inmates Go When They are Released?

Inmates who are serving less than a two-year sentence will go back home to family and friends after being released from prison. Any inmate with a sentence of more than two years is eligible to participate in the Community Transitional Program aimed at helping them reenter society smoothly and avoid recidivism. The program helps inmates get jobs; they are moved to a low-security facility with supervision and are encouraged to set up permanent housing arrangements and reconnect with family and friends before being released.

How Does Parole Work in Indiana?

Parole in Indiana is a privilege given to inmates who have served with good behavior and are released before their full sentence is fulfilled. They are let out of prison early with strict supervision and rules. These inmates must check-in regularly with a parole officer and follow other guidelines set by the parole board. If they fail to meet any of these regulations, they will go back to prison for the remainder of their term.

Parole Population

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Parole Population:8,385
Change in 2016:-11%

How Does Someone Get Probation in Indiana?

For first-time or low-risk offenders, a judge has the option of sentencing them to probation rather than sending them to prison. The offender may be free to live life but has to comply with some court-ordered rules. These rules always include being supervised by a probation officer who will check-in regularly to assess the offender's progress. The court often sets goals of gainful employment, stable living arrangements, and other action items for the offender to complete. If they violate any of the rules, they will immediately be sent to prison.

Probation Statistics

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Probation Population:108,302
Change in 2016:-3%

5 Most Unsafe Counties in the Area

A list of 5 counties in Indiana that have the highest arrest rate

CountyCrime Rate
St Joseph County4,162.52
Marion County3,243.02
Morgan County2,956.02
Starke County1,829.72
Dubois County1,243.09

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