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Illinois State Prisons and Facilities

There are twenty-eight state prisons in Illinois. Each serves a different demographic along with specific units of custody/security. The state also uses adult transition centers, boot camps, work camps, and life-skills reentry facilities. Some of these locations assist inmates prior to and after release from prison.

Illinois prisons date back to the 1800s. The first real prison was built in 1831 in Alton, and it contained only 24 cells. A lot has changed since then, and currently, there are 43,000 people in prison in Illinois today.

The entire correctional system in Illinois is run and managed by The Illinois Department of Corrections. They are the government agency which maintains Illinois state prison inmate records. If someone is searching for an inmate in Illinois and needs to run an Illinois state prison inmate search, they could use the inmate locator on the IDOC’s website or contact them directly. Rob Jeffreys is the Acting Director for The Illinois Department of Corrections. The IDOC’s mission is:

“To serve justice in Illinois and increase public safety by promoting positive change in offender behavior, operating successful reentry programs, and reducing victimization.” It originated in 1970 when there were only seven facilities in total.

The Illinois state prisons include:

  • Big Muddy River Correctional Center.
  • Centralia Correctional Center.
  • Danville Correctional Center.
  • Decatur Correctional Center.
  • Dixon Correctional Center.
  • East Moline Correctional Center.
  • Graham Correctional Center.
  • Hill Correctional Center.
  • Illinois River Correctional Center.
  • Jacksonville Correctional Center.
  • Joliet Treatment Center.
  • Lawrence Correctional Center.
  • Lincoln Correctional Center.
  • Logan Correctional Center.
  • Menard Correctional Center.
  • Menard Medium Security Unit.
  • Pinckneyville Correctional Center.
  • Pontiac Correctional Center.
  • Pontiac Medium Security Unit.
  • Robinson Correctional Center.
  • Shawnee Correctional Center.
  • Sheridan Correctional Center.
  • Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center.
  • Stateville Correctional Center.
  • Taylorville Correctional Center.
  • Vandalia Correctional Center.
  • Vienna Correctional Center.
  • Western Illinois Correctional Center.

Illinois State Prison Inmates

More than half (55.3%) of the inmates in Illinois prison, are Black. Thirty-one percent are white, 12.9% are Hispanic, and the rest are Asian, American Indian or other. The average age of someone in prison in Illinois is 38 years old. More than 54% committed crimes against another person. Seventeen percent are in prison due to drug charges, 13% for property offenses, and an alarming 15% for sex crimes. More than 6,800 inmates committed murder. Cook County is the original location of arrest for almost half of all inmates (47%). Thirty percent of all inmates are serving between 6–30-year sentences.

Illinois State Prisons

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