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Idaho State Prisons and Facilities

Idaho has various types of state prison facilities for offenders who break state laws. First, they have nine state prisons in Idaho. One of them is specifically for women only. Then they have a work-release camp. They also contract with two out-of-state private prisons to alleviate prison overcrowding and ease some of the responsibility.

Additionally, the state has four community reentry centers designed to transition inmates back into society after release from prison. These facilities assist with parole, probation, education, vocational support, and other related matters. All Idaho state prisons offer offenders education, treatment for mental health issues, and substance abuse support while incarcerated.

There are approximately 8,400 prisoners in state prison in Idaho. Roughly 85% of inmates in Idaho are in state prisons. Then another 5.5% are in reentry centers, 5% reside in county jail, and the remaining 4.7% are in private prisons outside the state. Eighty-seven percent of inmates are male and the rest female. The majority of inmates average in age from 18–54 years old. The highest number of offenders are white, followed by Hispanic, then Indian, and after that, Black, Asian, and unknown races. The total beds available in Idaho state prison totals just under 7,000.

The Idaho Department of Correction is the agency in charge of Idaho state prison inmate records and all facilities. Anyone interested in performing an Idaho state prison inmate search, must contact them first or use the inmate locator feature on their website. Josh Tewalt is the Director for the Idaho Department of Correction. The Idaho Department of Correction actually has a specific division called the “Offender Records Group” who is in charge of all offender records. They process all records requests in person or by mail. The IDOC also offers victim services, including VINELINK, to sign up for alerts when a specific prisoner is released or moved to another facility. This organization works closely with a three-member board of corrections who are appointed by the state Governor. The Director and Governor work together to manage and oversee all correctional facilities, inmates, and staff for the state.

Idaho State Prison Inmates

More people are in Idaho state prisons due to drug charges, and then after that, property crimes are also high on the list. Then, 31% of people in Idaho state prison are there for committing assault, then sex crimes then murder and manslaughter.

Idaho State Prisons

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