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Idaho County Jail Inmate Search

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Idaho County Jail Facilities

There are dozens of county jails in the state of Idaho. They hold pretrial detainees and people who were just arrested. Some of the short-term jail facilities are called detention centers, and some are called jails. For example, the Idaho County Jail is called just that. It is run and managed by the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office and was first constructed in 1954. This particular jail holds only 11 inmates at a time. Each jail is operated by local law enforcement (usually a Sheriff’s Office) and has a different number of cells, resources, and facilities.

Many of the local jails are linked in with VINE for victims and other interested parties searching for county jail inmates in Idaho. Local law enforcement like Sheriffs and local police are the ones in charge of Idaho County jail inmate records. Anyone trying to find an inmate in Idaho County jail can contact the local Sheriff to find out more.

Detention Centers & Local County Jails

Regardless of what they are called both county jails and detention centers in Idaho work the same. Each one is run by local law enforcement (usually the Sheriff’s Office), and they offer different levels of custody and a specific number of cells/beds. Local jails in Idaho date back to 1864. Back then, most inmates were held in Idaho City. Canyon County Jail, for example, dates back to 1892 and holds about 500 inmates. They have specific levels of custody for minimum, medium, maximum, and disciplinary security. They also have a few inmates in work-release programs. The average length of stay in an Idaho County jail is 1–30 days. Some inmates, however, are sentenced to short stays in county jail rather than prison. Some of the jails are equipped with DART (Detention Automatic Response Team) services to respond to violent jail situations.

Many of the local law enforcement agencies have websites with visiting instructions, visitation hours, information for family and friends, and contact phone numbers.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

The majority of people who are arrested and put in jail in Idaho are there due to drug/narcotics charges. Larceny and assault are the second and third top reasons someone is in an Idaho jail. Destruction of property, fraud, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are the next most popular reasons. After that is sexual assault and counterfeiting.


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