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Hawaii State Prisons and Facilities

Hawaii has a simplified correctional system, and there are only four state prisons in Hawaii. Three of them are located on the island of Oahu, and the other one on the big island of Hawaii. The four state prisons in Hawaii are as follows:

  • Halawa Correctional Facility two facilities: one special needs area and a medium-security prison. Opened in 1962, the special needs facility has the most dangerous criminals in need of close or maximum-security custody. The medium-security facility opened in 1987 and is the largest and most modern prison in Hawaii.
  • Waiawa Correctional Facility 334-bed minimum-security facility for male offenders. Two hundred and forty of those beds are specifically for KASHBOX, an intensive residential substance abuse treatment program.
  • Kulani Correctional Facility 200-bed minimum-security prison with mandatory continuing education. Each inmate is expected to work in either janitorial, utility, or food services. They offer the following educational degree programs: Agriculture / Horticulture Program, Facility Maintenance Program, and Hale Mua’ O Kulani Hawaiian Culture Program.
  • Women’s Community Correctional Center - 50-bed women’s prison for pretrial detainees and sentenced felons. Along with substance abuse treatment, this facility also offers a cognitive-based curriculum, parenting and educational classes, domestic violence treatment, day reporting, and electronic monitoring programs.

To alleviate overcrowding, roughly 1,400 Hawaii inmates are in a private prison in Arizona.

The State of Hawaii Department of Public Health, Corrections Division is the entity who maintains all Hawaii state prison inmate records and allows the public to perform a Hawaii state prison inmate search at any time using their inmate locator feature called SAVIN. Jodie Maesaka-Hirate is the Deputy Director for the Corrections Department, and she oversees all facilities, inmates, and personnel. The Corrections Department is one of many divisions within the Hawaii Department of Public Health. Their website mission explains: “The Corrections Program Services (CPS) is responsible for implementing and monitoring a variety of programs, aimed at providing inmates with education, nutrition, religion, substance abuse counseling, and sex offender treatment.”

Hawaii State Prison Inmates

There are about 5,500 people in prison in Hawaii. Ninety-two percent of those inmates have committed property crimes and only 8% violent crimes. The majority have committed larceny-theft, then burglary and motor vehicle theft. After that, the violent crimes rank in popularity by aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and then murder.

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