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Hawaii Juvenile Detention Center

Hawaii has only one juvenile detention center called the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility (HYCF). They work closely with the courts and community-based resources to ensure that confinement is the last-resort option. Many juvenile delinquents are instead placed on probation or early parole, and community corrections services take over their rehabilitation.

The Hawaii Department of Human Services, Office of Youth Services is the agency in charge of all Hawaii juvenile inmate records and facilities. It is not possible to run a Hawaii juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept sealed until adulthood. Instead, someone searching for a juvenile in Hawaii detention should contact the Hawaii Department of Human Services, Office of Youth Services directly.

Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility (HYCF)

The Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility partners with various agencies such as the DHS, DOE, DOH, Family Court, county agencies including law enforcement agencies, and non-profit agencies to ensure the best possible solution for youth offenders. Their governing policies are:

  • Developing facility policies, procedures, and practices that are Juvenile Justice appropriate;
  • Providing ongoing training for HYCF direct care staff, social workers, and other personnel on Juvenile Justice/Juvenile Corrections Best Practices.
  • Equipping staff with skills and knowledge needed to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for the youth in the state’s care and custody;
  • Strengthening communication between the Judiciary and State Agencies (DOH, DOE, DHS) and OYS/HYCF to ensure the delivery of appropriate services for youth in a seamless and collaborative manner; and
  • Enhancing and expanding facility-based programs and services to better prepare youth for reintegration into the community.
  • Additionally, they use their Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI) tool to assess risk for each individual placement and program. Female youth offenders are kept separate from males to ensure the quality of care and focus.

    According to their website, their approach entails: “A multi-disciplinary team, comprised of the DOE, DOH, HYCF, Contract Service Providers, youth and parents, is involved in the development of the at-risk youths’ Case/Reentry Plan and reintegration back into their community. HYCF continues to provide an Aftercare/Reentry Program through the Parole Section for youth transitioning out of the HYCF and returning to their families/communities.”

Facts and Statistics

On average, only 20–25 youth offenders end up in Hawaii juvenile detention each year. An additional 5–10 are on parole each year. They have 20 beds for males and 10 for females. The facility is spread over 323 acres of land.

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