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Hawaii Federal Facilities

There is only one type of federal prison facility in Hawaii, and it is an administrative security federal detention center called FDC Honolulu. There are no federal prisons in Hawaii. Anyone convicted of a federal crime in Hawaii will go to the FDC or be moved to a federal prison in another state. The FDC Honolulu holds both male and female inmates and has an inmate population of 473 offenders. In terms of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, it covers the Western Region.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is the government agency in charge of all Hawaii federal prison inmate records. They have a helpful website with an inmate locator feature on it. Therefore, anyone wishing to pursue a Hawaii federal prison inmate search, could use that or contact the FOB directly. They also have a page for each facility with contact information, visitation rules, hours, and details on phone calls and sending gifts. Their mission statement reads: “We protect public safety by ensuring that federal offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and provide reentry programming to ensure their successful return to the community.”

The FOB is responsible for 177,326 inmates across the entire country. They are committed to reducing recidivism; however, federal prisons still average about 34%. The Federal Bureau of Prisons employ 35,923 staff members to carry out their policies and initiatives.

FDC Honolulu

FDC Honolulu is an administrative security federal detention center housing 473 male and female inmates. It is located in Honolulu and falls within the Western Region of the FOB’s jurisdiction. They provide inmates with an Admissions and Orientation (A&O) Handbook covering general information about the institution, programs, rules, and regulations that you will encounter during your confinement. They do allow marriages between inmates located at the facility and provide detailed instructions (on the FOB website) on how to apply for permission. They also provide the public with information on visitation, the visitation schedule, and resources for the media.

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Hawaii

Duane “Dog” Chapman, Leland Chapman, and Tim Chapman arrested for illegal bounty hunting when they caught serial rapist Andrew Luster in 2003. They were later released from FDC Honolulu, and the charges were dropped. Their story was featured on A&E’s program “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”

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