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Hawaii County Jail Facilities

The state of Hawaii has only one type of short-term confinement facility which acts as jails. There are four county jails in Hawaii called community correctional centers. They are spread over four islands to serve each area conveniently. These facilities hold pretrial detainees awaiting sentencing and inmates who are serving very short-term sentences. Those individuals have committed misdemeanors. Felons will eventually be moved to state prison. All four facilities are unisex and serve both male and female inmates. Felons who are going to be released soon are moved to short-term confinement in one of the jails before getting out.

The Hawaii Department of Public Safety, Corrections Division is the government agency in charge of all confinement facilities in Hawaii and Hawaii county jail inmate records. If anyone is looking for an inmate in a Hawaii jail, they can check the Corrections Division website and use the inmate locator feature to perform a Hawaii county jail inmate search easily. Along with an inmate locator, they provide information on each facility along with visitation rules and how to contact an inmate.

Hawaii Jails - Correctional Centers

There are four jails in Hawaii. Unlike with most states across the U.S. Hawaii jails are state-run facilities rather than county based. They are as follows:

Hawaii Community Correctional Center- 226 beds divided into two units, offers a work-release program.

Kauai Community Correctional Center- a facility with 130 beds providing education, substance abuse treatment, religious counseling, cultural arts, and work furlough programs.

Maui Community Correctional Center- complex on 7 acres offering adult basic education, GED, parenting, cognitive skills,substance abuse treatment, vocational training, and work furlough.

Oahu Community Correctional Center- situated on 16 acres (largest jail in the state) with 950 beds offering substance abuse, domestic violence, cognitive skills, parenting, community service worklines, work furlough, and extended furlough. This facility also provides reentry services to felons who are going to be released soon.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

The majority of inmates in a county jail in Hawaii were arrested for larceny-theft. The next two most popular reasons people are in jail in Hawaii are burglary and motor vehicle theft. In terms of violent crime, aggravated assault is the most common violent crime committed. After that it is robbery and then rape. Arson is also a very popular crime committed in Hawaii that will land someone in jail.


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