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Georgia State Prisons and Facilities

There are 34 state prisons in Georgia spread across the state. The state also contracts with a few private prisons. Most inmates reside in state prison. The Georgia Department of Corrections website says that only nonviolent felons are held in state prisons. Some inmates who are low risk receive jobs and get to work on farms and with fire departments. These facilities range from minimum-security to close security (for high-risk individuals who have tried to escape before). The state of Georgia also has numerous community correctional offices where parolees and probationers can check-in with their assigned caseworkers and receive support and guidance after prison. Georgia has an extensive reentry program which is aimed at reducing recidivism through vocational training, family support, parenting assistance, help with substance abuse and mental health issues and faith counseling.

There are about 52,000 inmates in Georgia state prisons. The majority of inmates in Georgia fall into the age range of 20–49. More than eighty-seven percent are male, and the rest are female. The highest number of inmates in Georgia are black (52.89%). Then 43.51% are white, 3.09% are Hispanic, and the rest are Asian, Native American or unknown. More inmates are from Fulton County than any other county in the state. Almost 80% of all Georgia inmates are in medium-security units. Only 5.49% are in close security, and the rest reside in minimum-security areas.

The Georgia Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of Georgia state prison inmate records. Therefore, anyone wanting to perform a Georgia state prison inmate search can check on the GDOC website and use the inmate locator feature or contact them directly. Their mission, as stated on their website, says: “The Georgia Department of Corrections protects the public by operating safe and secure facilities through the development of professional staff and effective offender management.” Their website provides information on how to contact or find an inmate, visitation, sending gifts or money, and other help for families or loved ones of inmates in custody.

Georgia State Prison Inmates

Roughly 33.57% of the inmate population in Georgia committed violent offenses. This is more than any other type of crime. After that, property crimes rank as the second highest (27.02%), then drug charges (19.93%), and after that sexual assault (9.53%) and then all other crimes.

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