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Georgia Juvenile Detention Center

Georgia has three types of juvenile detention facilities throughout the state. First, they have Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs), then they have Youth Development Campuses (YDCs), and then they have Community Service Offices (CSOs). All of the juvenile detention facilities offer the same services: “education, vocational programming, health and mental health treatment, food services, resident counseling, substance abuse treatment/counseling, and family visitation, among other services to the youth under its care. "

The entire juvenile rehabilitation system is managed and overseen by the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. They are the government agency in charge of Georgia juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to run a Georgia juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept private until the inmate is of legal age. Then they have the option of applying to have their juvenile records expunged.

Regional Youth Detention Centers (RYDCs)

Regional youth detention centers are secure facilities that hold short-term youth offenders who are awaiting trial or sentencing. If they are found guilty and sentenced to long-term confinement, they will go to a youth development campus. All RYDC locations include a Georgia Preparatory Academy to provide ongoing education during incarceration. The list of RYDCs include:

  • Aaron Cohn (Columbus) RYDC.
  • Augusta RYDC.
  • Bob Richards RYDC (FORMERLY Rome RYDC).
  • Cadwell RYDC.
  • Claxton RYDC.
  • Crisp RYDC.
  • DeKalb RYDC.
  • Elbert Shaw RYDC (FORMERLY Dalton RYDC).
  • Gainesville RYDC.
  • Judge Thomas Jefferson Loftiss II RYDC (Formerly Thomasville RYDC).
  • Macon RYDC.
  • Marietta RYDC.
  • Martha K. Glaze RYDC (FORMERLY Clayton RYDC).
  • Metro RYDC.
  • Rockdale RYDC.
  • Savannah RYDC.
  • Terrell RYDC.
  • Waycross RYDC.
  • Wilkes RYDC.

Youth Development Campuses (YDCs)

Youth development campuses are long-term secure facilities that confine youth offenders who were sentenced by the courts to juvenile detention. All YDC locations include a Georgia Preparatory Academy to provide ongoing education during incarceration. The list of Georgia YDCs includes:

  • Atlanta YDC.
  • Augusta YDC.
  • Eastman YDC.
  • Macon YDC.
  • Milledgeville YDC.
  • Muscogee YDC.
  • Sumter YDC.

Community Service Offices (CSOs)

Community service offices are staffed with DJJ employees who provide intake, case management services, practical supervision, detention planning, and aftercare supervision of youth offenders.

Facts and Statistics

On average, about 10,000 youth offenders are in Georgia supervision at any given time. Roughly 3% are located in youth development campuses, 7% are in regional youth detention centers, 4% are served by community resources, only 3% reside in adult jails, and the majority (83) are in community-based programs while living at home under supervision. Of the total inmates, 80% are male, and 20% are females.

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