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Georgia County Jail Facilities

The state of Georgia has one type of short-term detention for inmates serving short sentences and pretrial detainees, and they are county jails. There are dozens of county jails in Georgia. Almost every one of Georgia’s 159 counties has a local jail.

The Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of local jails and Georgia county jail inmate records. It is easy to conduct a Georgia county jail inmate search because the Georgia Department of Corrections integrates jail records with inmate records on their inmate locator on the website.

Most of the local Sheriff’s Offices have full websites with information about their services, the local jails, visitation, phone calls, what to do about inmate’s personal items and how to find an inmate located in one of Georgia’s local county jails.

Local County Jails in Georgia

Historically, county jails in Georgia housed only arrested suspects and pretrial detainees awaiting a hearing or trial. Sometimes they also keep short-term inmates who are sentenced to only a few months in jail for petty misdemeanors. However, due to prison overcrowding, the Georgia Department of Corrections has contracted with many local counties to rent slots (5,219 beds) to house some prison inmates who are lower-maintenance and low-risk.

One of the oldest county jails in Georgia is The Crawford County Jail, also known as Old Crawford County Jail. It is located in Knoxville, Georgia and was built in 1882. In May of 1989, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is now a museum used during the Georgia Jug Fest and Old Knoxville Days festival on the third Saturday of May each year.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 39,000 people locked up in Georgia county jails. Some of those inmates have long-term sentences and are there because of the agreement between the Georgia Department of Corrections and local county Sheriff’s Offices. Roughly 64% of the inmates in jail are awaiting trial. About 14% are serving jail sentences, another 6% are prison inmates, and the other 15% are unclassified. More people are arrested and thrown in jail in Georgia for larceny (64.3%) than any other crime. Burglary is the second most common crime committed in Georgia, comprising 16.4% of the total. Motor vehicle theft and aggravated assault share the same percentage of 7%, and only about.21% of inmates in jail have committed murder.


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