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Florida State Prisons and Facilities

Florida has 50 state prisons as part of its extensive correctional system. The state has a total of 143 facilities. Along with the state prisons, there are 17 annexes, seven private prisons, 34 work camps, three reentry centers, two road prisons, one forestry camp, and one basic training camp.

The Florida Department of Corrections is the government agency that oversees all these different types of facilities and Florida state inmate records. Therefore, anyone wishing to perform a Florida state prison inmate search can do so pretty easily. They have inmate locators right on their website. This is what they say about state prisons facilities:

“These facilities incarcerate felons convicted and sentenced for more than a year. These inmates are transported from a county jail and enter the system through one of four male or two female reception centers strategically located throughout the state. Upon arrival at a reception center, an inmate is processed, tested, evaluated by health services, assessed for program needs, and his/her custody (security risks) is determined. Custody is determined by reviewing the seriousness of their offenses, length of sentence, time remaining to serve, prior criminal record, escape history, prison adjustment, and other factors. The most serious offenders with the longest sentences and those least likely to adjust to institutional life are placed in more secure facilities. Based on the results of this process, the inmate is then transferred to the appropriate facility.”

The Florida Department of Corrections works off a budget of almost $2.5 billion. Only about 10% of all inmates are held in private prisons. Roughly 75% are in state prisons or state prison annexes.

To make things easier to manage, the Florida Department of Corrections has divided everything up into four geographical regions. Additionally, the Tallahassee Central Office “provides support, policy, and oversight through the regional directors and their staff to all the facilities.”

As stated on their website: “As Florida’s largest state agency, and the third-largest prison system in the country, FDC employs 24,000 members, incarcerates approximately 96,000 inmates and supervises nearly 166,000 offenders in the community.”

Florida State Prison Inmates

Alarmingly, the highest number of Florida inmates are in prison due to violent crimes (32%). After that, it’s property crimes (29.5%), drugs (22.9%) and then other types of crime. In terms of violent crimes, sexual offenses top the list with 34% and then murder (34%) and then theft, forgery, and fraud. The most common age range is 25–49 for inmates in Florida. Almost 40% of inmates are white, and 37.7% are Black.

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