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District of Columbia State Prisons and Facilities

There used to be only one state prison in the District of Columbia called Lorton Correctional Complex. Then in 1997, all prisoners were transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the prison was closed. Now, Washington D.C. has both the Central Detention Facility (D.C. Jail) and The Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF).

Along with the jail which holds pretrial detainees and short-term inmates, they have The Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) located at 1901 E Street S. E. This facility opened in 1992 and is a medium-security facility on 10.2 acres. There are five buildings that make up this complex. Both male and female inmates are held here. This facility is operated and owned by a private contractor called Corrections Corporation of America. This contract began in 1994 and goes for twenty years at a stretch.

The District of Columbia also contracts with three privately owned halfway houses to provide reentry services to released inmates and individuals who require treatment for substance abuse or mental illness. These halfway houses include Extended House, Inc., Fairview and Hope Village.

Although there is no inmate locator on the District of Columbia Department of Corrections website, they do offer a phone number to perform a District of Columbia state prison inmate search. Although many prisoners reside in the privately-owned CTF prison, the District of Columbia Department of Corrections is still in charge of District of Columbia state prison inmate records.

They do however offer the following services to all inmates: “The Department offers a variety of programs to inmates housed at the D.C. Jail. These programs include HIV/ AIDS Prevention, Education and Intervention Services; Individual and Group Counseling Services; Hispanic Life Skills; Book Club; Street Law; Literacy Education; Religious Services; Mental Health Adjustment; and Anger Management, among other life skills development and religious services.”

District of Columbia State Prison Inmates

There are roughly 7,000 inmates in Washington D.C. state prison facilities. About 1,800 of them are under the care and supervision of the Washington D.C. Department of Corrections. The rest are either farmed out to federal prison or reside in the CTF facility that is privately owned and operated by a contractor. Ninety-three percent of the inmates in D.C. are male, and only 6.6% are female. About 88% of them are black males, then 5.9% are Hispanic, 4.1% are white, and the rest unknown races. The majority of them are between the ages of 20–40. The most serious offenses of prisoners in state prison in D.C. are assault, homicide, and parole violation. Many are in due to weapons charges, burglary, robbery, and drug offense also.

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