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District of Columbia Juvenile Detention Center

The District of Columbia has only one type of Juvenile Detention Center in the state called The Youth Services Center. It is located on 1000 Mount Olivet Road, NE, Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services is the government entity in charge of all facilities and District of Columbia juvenile inmate records. Performing a District of Columbia juvenile detention center inmate search online is not possible. Juvenile records are sealed until the inmate reached adulthood. Therefore, anyone wanting information on an inmate, must contact the District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services directly.

This agency provides the following services for youth offenders:

  • Diagnostic assessments and placement services.
  • Mental, behavioral, and physical health care.
  • Educational services.
  • Security.

According to the District of Columbia Youth Rehabilitation Services: “DYRS’s legal mandate to provide treatment services to youth in the least restrictive, most homelike environment consistent with public safety. Based on their supervision and treatment needs, youth who have been adjudicated and committed to DYRS custody may be placed in either a secure facility or a community-based placement. This includes two facilities operated directly by the District of Columbia: The Youth Services Center, which holds youth detained while awaiting trial, and New Beginnings Youth Development Center, which is a secure treatment facility. All youth, regardless of where they are initially placed, will eventually transition into community placement.”

The Youth Services Center in D.C.

The Youth Services Center in Washington, D.C. is a secure facility holding both male and female youth offenders awaiting adjudication and/or disposition by the courts. The facility provides 24-hour care and supervision with extensive programming for all inmates. Along with education, they provide social services, experiential programs provided by District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), and each inmate attends school five hours per day, five days per week.

Facts and Statistics

There are usually less than 100 youth offenders in detention in Washington, D.C. The majority of them (98%) are black youths. Half the number of females is detained as males. Unfortunately, about 55% of them have committed violent offenses which landed them in juvenile detention. Another 25% of them committed property offenses, and only 1% are in trouble due to drug offenses. Only 7% of all youth offenders in D.C. are placed in juvenile detention. Most are helped through community-based programs.

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