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District of Columbia Federal Facilities

There is only one type of federal correctional facility in the District of Columbia, and it is the Bureau of Prisons’ headquarters (central office). It is located at 320 First Street, NW, Washington, D.C. There are no federal prisons in the District of Columbia that hold federal inmates. Individuals who break federal laws inside the District of Columbia are farmed out to federal prisons throughout the United States.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) is the agency in charge of all federal prison facilities, and they maintain District of Columbia federal prison inmate records as well. Anyone interested in performing a District of Columbia federal prison inmate search must contact the FOB directly to find out where they were sent.

Most federal prisons fall into the low-security category (more than 32%), 30% fall into the medium-security category, 16% are minimum-security (even lower than low) and then only 11.9% fall into the high-security level. There are 65,860 inmates in low security, 53,699 in medium security, 29,206 in minimum security, 21,022 in high security, and another 7,106 in an unclassified level of custody. Most are between 26–50 years old. Only 32.3% of inmates are Hispanic, and the rest are non-Hispanic. Most federal inmates are male (92.9%), and only a small fraction (7.1%) are female. The most common reason someone is sent to federal prison are drug offenses, followed by weapons and explosives charges. After that, it is about immigration, extortion, fraud, and bribery.

The FOB Central Office - Headquarters

As listed on the FOB website: “The Central Office serves as the headquarters for the Bureau of Prisons, which is overseen and managed by Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer and Deputy Director Thomas R. Kane. Here, national programs are developed, and functional support is provided by the following:

  • Administration Division
  • Correctional Programs Division
  • Health Services Division
  • Human Resource Management Division
  • Federal Prison Industries
  • Information, Policy, & Public Affairs Division
  • National Institute of Corrections
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Program Review Division
  • Reentry Services Division

The Central Office campus is located in Washington, DC near the U.S. Capitol, federal courts, and the Department of Justice headquarters.”

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in District of Columbia

Unfortunately, there are no famous inmates who were sentenced to a federal prison in Washington, D.C. However, when the Lorton facility closed, many state inmates were moved to federal prison and became the responsibility of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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