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District of Columbia County Jail Facilities

There is only one county jail in the District of Columbia. It is called the Central Detention Facility (also known as the D.C. Jail). There are no counties in the District of Columbia but only a single jail located in Southeast DC at 1901 D Street, S. E.

The DC Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of all prison and jail facilities throughout the state along with all District of Columbia county jail inmate records. Using the phone number on their website, anyone can perform a District of Columbia county jail inmate search at any time.

Quincy L. Booth is the Director of D.C. Department of Corrections and he oversees all correctional facilities, inmates and systems for the state. Programs offered by D.C. Department of Corrections includes higher education, anger and stress management, cooking, a literacy program, behavioral health, employment services, graphic arts, along with treatment for mental health issues and substance abuse addictions.

Central Detention Facility

This jail was first constructed in 1976. Then in 1985 due to an infamous case regarding poor jail conditions (Campbell v. McGruder), the population was capped at 1,574. Then in 2002, the cap was raised again to 2,164 inmates. This change was made after the Jail Improvement Act of 2003 when consultants were hired to determine the highest possible number of inmates while preserving the quality of service. This facility holds pretrial detainees, inmates who were convicted of misdemeanors and are serving short sentences and convicted felons who are awaiting transfer to prison. It holds only male inmates, no females.

According to D.C. Department of Corrections website: “The Department offers a variety of programs to inmates housed at the D.C. Jail. These programs include HIV/ AIDS Prevention, Education and Intervention Services; Individual and Group Counseling Services; Hispanic Life Skills; Book Club; Street Law; Literacy Education; Religious Services; Mental Health Adjustment; and Anger Management, among other life skills development and religious services.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are roughly 2,000 people in county jail facilities in the District of Columbia. More than 40% of the men stay only one week and 42% of the women. Disproportionately, 88% of the inmates in the District of Columbia jail are black. Then almost equally, the races are white and Hispanic. Most inmates are guilty of parole violation, then assault, weapons charges, drug offenses, and robbery.


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