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Delaware Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Delaware has three types of juvenile rehabilitation facilities for its youth offenders. First, they have two juvenile detention centers. Then they have the Ferris School for Boys and finally three residential cottages. Each type serves a different age group and level of custody based on the needs of the child.

The State of Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families is the government entity in charge of Delaware juvenile inmate records and if anyone is looking for someone in a facility must contact them directly. There is no way to perform a Delaware juvenile detention center inmate search online.

Detention Centers

Delaware has two juvenile detention centers: The New Castle County Detention Center and the William Marion Stevenson House Detention Center. The New Castle facility has 64 beds and is a secure lock-down institution housing both male and female pre-adjudicated youth offenders. It is accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). The Stevenson House is a locked-down secure facility with 55 beds. It serves both male and females under the age of 18. It is also accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA). Both offer programs regarding HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention, aggression resistance, and drug education.

Ferris School for Boys

This is a secure juvenile detention facility designed to rehabilitate youth offenders age 13–18. The facility holds up to 72 juveniles at a time, and the average length of a stay is only six months (after a six-week orientation period). They offer: “Education, programming, treatment, and therapeutic clinical programs at the start of each day.” They also focus on drug and alcohol treatment, conflict resolution, aggression, violence prevention, gun violence, victim sensitivity, and youth mentoring.

Residential Cottages

According to their brochure, “The Residential Cottages are Level IV staff secured residential treatment programs designed to address the needs of adjudicated youth and assist them in making a successful transition into the community.” These facilities offer healthcare, nutrition assistance, substance abuse, and mental health treatment, along with intensive educational programs.

Facts and Statistics

There are roughly 830 juvenile delinquents in juvenile detention in Delaware, 250 in residential cottages and another 1,700 being served by community programs. Youth offenders in the Stevenson House stay an average of twice as long as those in New Castle County Juvenile Detention, even though they serve fewer inmates.

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