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Connecticut State Prisons and Facilities

There are fourteen state prisons in Connecticut. Each has a different focus, demographics, and units with varying levels of custody. They house not only inmates but also pretrial detainees in some cases. All the prisons in Connecticut pride themselves on offering considerable programming services including addiction services, recreational services, educational services, volunteer services, and religious services. Some of them date back to the 1800s. Some are more recent and were built in the sixties and seventies. These facilities also offer reentry and victim services as well as confinement and rehabilitation for offenders.

There are approximately 14,000 inmates in Connecticut state prison. Connecticut’s prison rate is far less than the U.S. national average. There is a high percentage of black inmates in Connecticut prison and about half as many Hispanic people. White inmates are underrepresented in Connecticut state prisons.

The Connecticut State Department of Correction is the government agency in charge of all state-run prison facilities. They also maintain and update Connecticut state prison inmate records on a daily basis. Therefore, if someone wanted to perform a Connecticut state prison inmate search, they would have no trouble doing so. There is an inmate locator right on their website. The Connecticut State Department of Correction is overseen by a Commissioner who works closely with the state Governor. Their mission statement reads: “The Department of Correction shall strive to be a global leader in progressive correctional practices and partnered reentry initiatives to support responsive evidence-based practices aligned to law-abiding and accountable behaviors. Safety and security shall be a priority component of this responsibility as it pertains to staff, victims, citizens, and offenders. "

The Connecticut state prisons include:

  • Bridgeport Correctional Center
  • Brooklyn Correctional Institution (inmate population 505)
  • Cheshire Correctional Institution
  • Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center
  • Garner Correctional Institution
  • Hartford Correctional Center
  • MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution
  • Manson Youth Institution (inmate population 591)
  • New Haven Correctional Center (inmate population 789)
  • Northern Correctional Institution
  • Osborn Correctional Institution
  • Robinson Correctional Institution
  • Willard-Cybulski Correctional Institution
  • York Correctional Institution

Connecticut State Prison Inmates

Of the 14,000 inmates in Connecticut prison, more than half (54%) are in there due to aggravated assault. The second most popular crime that results in prison in Connecticut is robbery, then rape and only a small percentage (1.3%) of inmates have committed murder. A high number of inmates have also committed non-violent crimes such as larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Money, jewelry, and clothes are the most common items stolen by Connecticut prison inmates. The average inmate age ranges from 15–34 being the most common age group.

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