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Connecticut Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Connecticut has two juvenile detention centers designed to hold youth offenders under the age of 18. One is in Bridgeport, and the other is in Hartford; both are wheelchair accessible. These two centers provide residential community-based short-term treatment for delinquents and youth offenders. They offer education, family mediation, mental health and substance abuse treatment, medical therapies, and more. The state also uses contracted residential facilities which are community-based to provide services on a volunteer basis to juveniles who need help but are not court-ordered.

The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch is the government agency in charge of overseeing these two facilities, and they are responsible for Connecticut juvenile inmate records. Therefore, if someone wanted to lookup Connecticut juvenile inmate records, they would need to contact the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch directly. There is no way to lookup juvenile records online. As stated on their website “The Court Support Services Division (CSSD) Juvenile Residential Services (JRS) Unit operates a range of both voluntary and court-ordered residential programs and centers designed to meet the unique needs of juveniles who come into contact with the juvenile court system.” Their mission is to: “Providing a safe living environment through evidence-based practice, a strength-based approach, comprehensive education, and quality healthcare services.” On their website, they provide families with information on how to visit and contact a youth offender held there.

Each of the juvenile detention centers is explained in greater detail below.

Secure Community Residential Program

The two juvenile detention centers in Connecticut are the Juvenile Detention Center at Bridgeport and the Juvenile Detention Center at Hartford. While in confinement, they are taught life-skills, provided counseling and education in a secure, safe environment. Both facilities are accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA) which sets high standards for quality of care.

Facts and Statistics

There are roughly 1,100 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Connecticut. Of those, 926 are male, and 177 are female. There are almost equal numbers of black and white youth offenders in juvenile detention along with 274 Hispanic youth. Most stay an average of about two weeks. Some stay for about a month and a few of them for more than three months. New Haven is the area where most of them are arrested and brought to court and later sentenced to juvenile detention. Youth offenders are spread equally between both juvenile detention locations.

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