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Connecticut County Jail Facilities

There are twenty-nine county jails in Connecticut. Some of them are called detention centers, but they serve the same purpose. All county jails in Connecticut hold pretrial detainees and people who were just arrested. Some are awaiting their initial hearing and some waiting for their trial. In some cases, a judge may even sentence an offender to a few months in jail instead of prison, in those cases they will stay in jail rather than be moved to a large facility.

County Sheriff’s Offices and local police are responsible for Connecticut county jail inmate records. Many of them have websites with an inmate listing or search feature so the public can conduct a Connecticut county jail inmate search at any time of day or night.

Connecticut County Jails

County jails in Connecticut date back to the 1700s. Then in the late 1960s, the General Assembly created the Department of Corrections and created prisons to release the county jails of many of their responsibilities. The list of county jails in Connecticut is listed below. They serve as short-term confinement for suspects and short-term inmates. They are most often run and managed by local law enforcement.

  • Bridgeport County Corrections Center
  • Bridgeport City Jail
  • Bristol City Jail
  • Corrigan Radgowski County Corrections Center
  • Danbury City Jail
  • East Hartford City Jail
  • East Haven City Jail
  • Fairfield County Sheriff
  • Fairfield City Jail
  • Hartford County Jail
  • Hartford City Jail
  • Manchester City Jail
  • Meriden City Jail
  • Middletown City Jail
  • Milford City Jail
  • Naugatuck City Jail
  • New Britain City Jail
  • New Haven City Police
  • New London City Jail
  • Newington City Jail
  • Norwich City Jail
  • Shelton City Jail
  • Stratford City Jail
  • Tolland County Sheriff
  • Torrington City Jail
  • Trumbull City Jail
  • Waterbury City Jail
  • West Haven City Jail
  • Windham County Sheriff

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

More than half of all inmates in county jails were arrested for aggravated assault. Robbery and rape are the second and third most common reasons people are arrested and thrown in jail in Connecticut. Anyone serving a sentence in jail for one year or less has probably committed a Class A misdemeanor. One example of this would be prostitution. Class B and C misdemeanors usually only carry fines and six months or less time in jail. Other examples of minor crimes that might land someone in a Connecticut jail are petty theft, DUIs, stalking, sexual assault, shoplifting, and reckless driving.


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