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Colorado County Jail Facilities

Colorado has two types of short-term holding facilities for its correctional system. First, there are dozens of county jails in Colorado. Most counties have at least one jail serving neighboring towns. Then there are detention centers which serve youth and adult offenders and occasionally hold short-term inmates awaiting trial or pretrial detainees.

There are three detention centers that are state-run by The Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Youth Services (DYS). The county jails are run and managed by the local county Sheriff’s Offices. So, Colorado county jail inmate records will be maintained by both entities. Therefore, if someone wants to perform a Colorado county jail inmate search, they may contact a county Sheriff’s Office or the DYS directly. The CDOC’s mission statement for all correctional facilities is “To protect the citizens of Colorado by holding offenders accountable and engaging them in opportunities to make positive behavioral changes and become law-abiding, productive citizens.”

Colorado County Jails

There are dozens of county jails throughout Colorado, and they hold people who have just been arrested and are awaiting an initial hearing or trial. Some jails are large and hold many inmates, while others are small facilities with only 100 beds. Many of the local Sheriff’s Offices have websites where you can learn more about the jail facilities, contact an inmate, call or visit. In some cases, judges will order short sentences in jail rather than in prison, and these county jails or detention centers will hold these inmates for short-term confinement.

Detention Center Facilities

The three detention centers in Colorado that also hold adult inmates are Platte Valley, Grand Mesa, and the Mount View Youth Services Center. They offer a variety of educational, behavioral, and substance abuse programs, along with outdoor activities and participation in community events. Most of these facilities are designed for high-risk youth offenders, and therefore, they are higher security than other juvenile detention facilities or county jails.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Colorado has about 12,000 inmates in local jails and detention center facilities. The two most popular reasons someone is in prison in Colorado is due to violent crimes and property crimes. In terms of non-violent crimes, theft is the number one reason someone is in prison, then burglary, automobile theft, and then arson. For violent offenses, aggravated assault ranks the highest, then robbery, rape, and finally murder.


Colorado County Jails

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