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Colorado Inmate Search

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How Are Inmate Records in Colorado Created and Stored?

Colorado inmate records refer to the paperwork that follows an offender through the prison system. They are first created when someone is arrested and detained in jail. Local law enforcement processes the suspect by filling out a RAP sheet which contains their name, address, and other personal details, and information about the crime they committed. All subsequent events in the inmate’s life such as court dates, hearings, trials, and sentencing get added to the file. The Colorado Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of keeping inmate records and updating them as things change. The records are kept in an online database, making it easy to perform a Colorado inmate search.

How to Find if Someone is in Jail or Prison in Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) is the entity which collects, updates and manages inmate records. Their website is extensive, including a Colorado inmate locator feature where visitors can find someone incarcerated in the state of Colorado. Since the CDOC oversees all prison facilities, anyone held in a Colorado prison will be found within this system. If someone is looking for a friend or family member who is in jail in the state of Colorado, they will have to contact the local Sheriff’s Office in the county where they were arrested. Many local Sheriff’s Offices have websites where the public can search for inmates. When performing an official Colorado offender search, use the state resources. Otherwise, to find arrests, criminal history and other inmate records try the Infotracer’s Colorado prison inmate locator tool.

What Does Colorado’s Prison System Look Like?

Colorado’s prison system is made up of various facilities and staff, and the entire structure is overseen and managed by Dean Williams, the Executive Director of The Colorado Department of Corrections. The components of the Colorado prison system include:

  • 20 State Prisons
  • 3 Federal Prison Facilities
  • 3 Private Prisons
  • 43 County Jails
  • 10 Juvenile Detention Centers (some of them are state-owned/operated, and some are private)
  • 19 Adult Parole Locations, including one reentry center to help inmates readjust to life outside of prison

Colorado’s prison system is plagued by overcrowding and the newly appointed Governor, Jared Polis is making prison reform a priority. His plans include changes to drug sentencing, the death penalty, parole, and cash bail. All of these changes are aimed at reducing the number of inmates in prison in Colorado.

Did you Know?

  • 0.36% of people in Colorado are under correctional control, from which 80,740 are on probation, and 10,186 are on parole.
  • Every year, about 5,906 people walk out of prison gates in Colorado, but people go to jail 1.1 times more each year
  • 90% of prison inmates in Colorado are male, 10% female.
  • From 1979–80 to 2012–13, state and local government expenditures on corrections in Colorado increased by 513 percent (from $191,066,829 to $1,171,292,000).
  • Between 2007 and 2016, the Colorado prison population decreased by 13%

Types of Jails and Prisons in Colorado

CO uses both state-owned/operated facilities as well as private prisons. Some of their juvenile detention centers are also privately owned and operated. There are also three federal prisons in Colorado for offenders who violated federal laws. The state has quite a few county jails but not one in every county. All of the facilities are overseen and managed by The Colorado Department of Corrections. They have only one women’s only prison located in Denver, CO. The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) is the agency in charge of the ten juvenile detention centers in the state.

How Many People are Locked up in Colorado?

Colorado’s prison system holds 19,981 residents in various kinds of correctional facilities, from which 16,028 residents are held in state prisons, 9 in federal prisons, 4 in juvenile correctional facilities, and 376 in local jails.

Correctional Facilities:Totals:
Juvenile Correctional Facilities4
Federal Prisons9
State Prisons16,028
Local Jails376
Private Prisons3,564

Colorado State Prisons

CO uses twenty state-run prisons to house inmates. They include one women-only facility and one state penitentiary. The list of state prisons in Colorado includes:

  • Arrowhead Correctional Center - ACC
  • Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility - AVCF
  • Buena Vista Correctional Facility - BVCC
  • CO Correctional Center - CCC
  • Centennial Correctional Facility - CCF
  • CO State Penitentiary - CSP
  • CO Territorial Correctional Facility - CTCF
  • Delta Correctional Center - DCC
  • Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center - DRDC
  • Denver Women’s Correctional Facility - DWCF
  • Fremont Correctional Facility - FCF
  • Four Mile Correctional Center - FMCC
  • Limon Correctional Facility - LCF
  • La Vista Correctional Facility - LVCF
  • Rifle Correctional Center - RCC
  • San Carlos Correctional Facility - SCCF
  • Skyline Correctional Center - SCC
  • Sterling Correctional Facility-SCF
  • Trinidad Correctional Facility - TCF
  • Youthful Offender System - YOS


How to Perform a Colorado Prison Inmate Search

The Colorado Department of Corrections is the entity in charge of prison facilities in the state. They have a user-friendly website with a Colorado inmate locator feature. Someone wishing to conduct a Colorado inmate locator should follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the Colorado Department of Corrections website
  2. On the homepage, use the “Find an Offender” link
  3. Enter either the DOCNO (inmate ID) or the first and last names. Visitors can also refine their search with a gender choice
  4. Hit the submit button and review the search results
  5. The list of results will include name, DOC#, race, gender, the facility name, and their age. Each entry is clickable, and when selected, the user can see more details


The website also offers a disclaimer that information may be inaccurate and to contact the CDOC for confirmation.

Colorado Federal Prisons

Colorado has three federal prisons designed to house offenders who have violated federal laws. The three designated federal facilities include:

  • Englewood FCI - a low-security prison with 1,121 male inmates
  • Florence FCC - an extensive complex with three units (low, medium, and high-security) totaling 2,582 inmates
  • MSTC – the national corrections training academy


How to Search for Federal Prison Inmates

All federal prisons are under the direction of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This government agency is in charge of operation and management. Thus, anyone trying to look up a Colorado inmate housed in one of the federal facilities must start with them. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) website has a search feature, but it also contains a page for each facility with contact information. Therefore, visitors can either use the search feature on the website or call the unit directly.

Colorado County Jails

CO has forty-two county jails in the state. They have a total of 67 counties, so not every county has a local jail. These confinement facilities are managed and operated by local law enforcement, usually the County Sheriff’s Office. The list of county jails in CO is:

  • Alamosa County Jail
  • Archuleta County Jail
  • Bent County Jail
  • Boulder County Jail
  • Broomfield Jail
  • Cheyenne County Jail
  • Clear Creek County Jail
  • Conejos County Jail
  • Costilla County Jail
  • Custer County Jail
  • Delta County Jail
  • Denver County Jail
  • Douglas County Jail
  • Eagle County Jail
  • Elbert County Jail
  • Fremont County Jail
  • Garfield County Jail
  • Gilpin County Jail
  • Grand County Jail
  • Gunnison County Jail
  • Jackson County Jail
  • Kit Carson County Jail
  • Lake County Jail
  • LaPlata County Jail
  • Larimer County Jail
  • Lincoln County Jail
  • Mesa County Jail
  • Moffat County Jail
  • Montezuma County Jail
  • Montrose County Jail
  • Morgan County Jail
  • Otero County Jail
  • Park County Jail
  • Pueblo County Jail
  • Rio Blanco County Jail
  • Rio Grande County Jail
  • Routt County Jail
  • San Miguel County Jail
  • Summit County Jail
  • Teller County Jail
  • Washington County Jail
  • Weld County Jail
  • Yuma County Jail


Colorado's County and Local Jail Prison Population During 2011-2016 years


How to Perform a Colorado Jail Inmate Search

County jail records are created, stored, and managed by each individual county Sheriff’s Office. Most of them have their own website with a nice search feature to help friends and family perform a Colorado jail inmate locator search incarcerated in county jail. Other counties offer only a printable list of current inmates. Either way, when trying to look up a Colorado inmate in county jail, the best thing to do is to contact the County Sheriff’s Office directly.

Colorado Juvenile Detention Centers

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) oversees all youth detention center facilities, staff, and inmates. They have ten total facilities, three of them are privately contracted detention centers. All of the programs and facilities prioritize continuing education as part of the rehabilitation process. The centers include:


  • Adams Youth Services Center
  • Gilliam Youth Services Center
  • Grand Mesa Youth Services Center
  • Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center
  • Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center
  • Mount View Youth Services Center
  • Platte Valley Youth Services Center
  • Pueblo Youth Services Center
  • Spring Creek Youth Services Center
  • Zebulon Pike Youth Services Center
  • Adams Youth Services Center


Juvenile Population in Custody During 2011-2016 years


How to Search for Juvenile Detention Center Inmates

Because youth detention centers house offenders who are underaged, the records are kept private. However, family, friends, and other authorized agents may inquire about a resident by contacting The Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) or the facility itself to get more information. The DYS website has a listing of each facility and also includes a contact phone number and visitation details.

Colorado Private Prisons

CO also employs private prisons as part of their custody system to house inmates. Each is privately owned and operated but overseen by The Colorado Department of Corrections. The list of private prisons includes:

  • Bent County Correctional Facility - BCCF
  • Cheyenne Mountain Re-entry Center - CMRC
  • Crowley County Correctional Facility - CCCF


    A warden supervises two of the facilities, and a director oversees the third.

    How to Search for Private Prison Inmates

    The entire Colorado prison system sits under the umbrella of The Colorado Department of Corrections. Therefore, the process for finding someone in a private prison in Colorado is the same for finding someone in state prison. To perform a Colorado prison inmate search follow the instructions below:

    1. Visit the Colorado Department of Corrections website
    2. On the homepage, use the “Find an Offender” link
    3. Enter either the DOCNO (inmate ID) or the first and last names. Visitors can also refine their search with a gender choice
    4. Hit the submit button and review the search results
    5. The list of results will include name, DOC#, race, gender, the facility name, and their age. Each entry is clickable, and when selected, the user can see more details


Why are People Incarcerated in Colorado?

People incarcerated in CO ended up there because they broke either state or federal laws. After a trial by a jury of their peers, the judge sentenced the offender to confinement in the Colorado prison system. In some cases, judges sentence probation for a number of years instead. Approximately 35,000 people are in prison in CO. Twenty-thousand of them are in prison, twelve-thousand are in county jail, and two-thousand are in federal prison.

Colorado’s Incarceration Rate and Statistics

Colorado’s incarceration rate for year-end 2016 under state prison or local jail jurisdiction per 100,000 population was 356, which is lower than an average incarceration rate by 21%. The number of Colorado prisoners at the year-end of 2016 was 19,981, from which 10% were female prisoners, whereas the number of male prisoners was 18,078 in 2016.


Where Do Colorado Inmates Go When They are Released?

The majority of inmates in Colorado will go home to friends and family when they are released. CO does not have any halfway houses or other housing options for released inmates. However, they do have a reentry mentoring program where volunteers can help re-acclimate newly released offenders back into society. This program works in several areas, including securing a job, obtaining stable housing, and other social integrations.

How Does Parole Work in Colorado?

The Colorado State Board of Parole is the agency in charge of determining who gets released from prison and who does not. Parole works by releasing offenders before the end of their sentence. They must agree to specific terms, including meeting regularly with a parole officer and gaining employment and stable housing. If released inmates violate any of the stipulations, they will go back to prison to finish their sentences.

Parole Population

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Parole Population:10,186
Change in 2016:2%

How Does Someone Get Probation in Colorado?

Probation is an alternative to prison, and COcourts have the option of granting probation to first-time offenders or criminals who are not dangerous to others. These offenders are free to live their lives outside of prison but must follow some specific rules. If they violate these rules, their probation may be revoked, and they will end up in jail or prison.

Probation Statistics

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Probation Population:80,740
Change in 2016:2%

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