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Arkansas Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Arkansas has one juvenile detention center, four juvenile treatment centers, and twelve community-based program facilities. These programs and facilities are designed to help youth offenders get back on track and eliminate the possibility of recidivism later on in life.

All Arkansas juvenile inmate records are the responsibility of the Arkansas Department of Human Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) and their mission states: “The Division of Youth Services’ mission is to provide effective community-based prevention, diversion, appropriate correction and rehabilitation, improved education and thorough aftercare in order to enhance the comprehensive well-being of the youth of Arkansas involved in the juvenile justice system.” Anyone wanting to perform an Arkansas juvenile detention center inmate search won’t be able to find records online, but they can contact the DYS about a specific youth offender.

Juvenile Detention Centers

There is only one juvenile detention center in Arkansas called the Dermott Juvenile Correctional Facility. It is located in Dermott, Arkansas. They offer rehabilitative services along with education, therapies, and other behavioral-based treatments.

Juvenile Treatment Centers

Arkansas also has four juvenile treatment centers to help youth offenders with mental, physical, and behavioral issues. They offer therapy, counseling, education, and other supports through licensed physicians and practitioners.

County-Based Juvenile Detention Centers

Along with the one state-run facility, Arkansas also has fourteen county-based juvenile detention facilities and residential group homes to facilitate the rehabilitation of youth offenders close to home. These facilities work closely with the DYS to share information, resources, and coordinate programming.

Facts and Statistics

Roughly 402 youth offenders reside in juvenile detention in the state of Arkansas. More than half (55%) committed felonies, 30% committed misdemeanors, 13% are in due to probation violations, and 2% are back because of recidivism. Most of the offenders (86%) did not commit violent offenses. Of the total inmates, 84% are male, and 16% are female. The majority are black (46%) and then white (45%). Offender totals are down slightly from the previous two years.

Of the few (58) violent offenses, the acts that were perpetrated include:

Arkansas Juvenile Detention Centers

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