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Arkansas County Jail Facilities

There are twelve county jails in Arkansas. These facilities hold people who have just been arrested and are being detained until their initial hearing, a trial or have been sentenced to short-term stays in jail rather than prison. Each county jail is owned and operated by the county and all shared by the towns contained within each county. They are run and managed by local law enforcement, usually Sheriff’s Offices. All Arkansas county jail inmate records are kept and maintained by local county Sheriff’s Offices. Therefore, anyone who wants to run an Arkansas county jail inmate search should contact the local Sheriff’s Office directly. Some have websites. For example, the Madison County Jail located in Huntsville, Arkansas, is run by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and they have a website with an inmate roster on it.

Local County Jails in Arkansas

Local county jails in Arkansas have a history going back to the 1800s. They have varying degrees of custody and different programs for each detention center and jail, depending on county resources and budget constraints. Local county jails work closely with the Arkansas Department of Corrections to coordinate inmate transfers and allocate resources for rehabilitation to keep the entire community safe.

The list of county jails in Arkansas are as follows:

  • Baxter County Jail
  • Benton County Jail
  • Catoosa County Jail
  • Cobb County Jail
  • Columbia County Jail
  • Cross County Jail
  • Independence County Jail
  • Madison County Jail
  • Poinsett County Jail
  • St. Francis County Jail
  • Union County Jail
  • Washington County Jail

The Powhatan Jail was erected in 1873 and is one of the oldest jails still standing. Historically, residents of surrounding areas might land in this jail for fornication, hog stealing, assault and battery, murder, or selling on the Sabbath. It now serves as a historic landmark in the Powhatan Historic State Park.

There are about 5,300 individuals in local county jails in Arkansas. There is a disproportionate number of Black Americans in jail in Arkansas than white people. There are more Hispanic inmates in jail than Caucasian people also.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Most inmates in county jail facilities have committed misdemeanors. The felons are awaiting trial and will be moved to state prison upon sentencing. The most popular crimes landing people in jail in Arkansas are drug charges, including possession and selling, probation violations, weapons charges, and fraud. Most short-term inmates in jail will serve less than a year for many misdemeanor charges.


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