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Arizona State Prison Inmate Search

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Arizona State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Arizona uses various types of facilities in its corrections programs. First, there are ten state prisons in Arizona and six private prisons. Then they have seventeen parole locations where parolees can check-in and receive direction and reentry assistance. The state prisons hold felons who have been sentenced for over a year of confinement. The private prisons are used to help with overcrowding and spread some of the responsibility away from the state.

The Arizona Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of all state-run prisons, facilities, and programs. The ADOC is headed up by Director, Charles L. Ryan. The directives of the Arizona Department of Corrections are as follows:

  • “Maintaining and administering all ADC institutions and programs.
  • Administering community supervision services for adult inmates released from prison in accordance with the law.
  • Developing uniform statewide community field supervision services in Arizona.
  • Recommending policies and programs to the Governor and Legislature for improving correctional programs.
  • Establishing employment qualifications (based on education and practical experience) for Deputy Directors and other key personnel.
  • Developing incentives for inmates to encourage good behavior and faithful performance of work.”

The Arizona Department of Corrections maintains all Arizona state prison inmate records, and they make it easy to perform an Arizona state prison inmate search at any time using the inmate locator feature on their website.

Arizona State Prison Inmates

Of the 42,263 inmates incarcerated in Arizona, 39% are white, 38% are Hispanic, 14.5% are Black, 5.5% are Native American, and the remaining 2.2% are unknown. The split between violent and non-violent offenders is startling. About 75% of Arizona’s inmate population is in prison due to violent offenses, and only 25% committed nonviolent acts. The number one reason felons are in prison in Arizona is assault, then drug sales and trafficking. After that, the most common crimes are burglary and sex crimes. Weapons charges and automobile theft are also at the top of the list for crimes committed in Arizona.

Arizona State Prisons

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