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Arizona Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

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Arizona Juvenile Detention Center

Arizona has only one juvenile detention center in the state, along with a community corrections office. These facilities and programs are designed to help steer youth offenders back on to a better path. They use a combination of confinement, education, treatment programs, and community-based solutions to rehabilitate youth offenders.

The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections is the agency in charge of all inmates, facilities, and Arizona juvenile inmate records. There is no online portal where someone can perform an Arizona juvenile detention center inmate search; however, they can contact the ADJC directly to inquire about a specific inmate.

Adobe Mountain School - Juvenile Corrections Center

The only juvenile detention center in Arizona is the Adobe Mountain School. The ADJC describes it on their website as: “a secure care juvenile correctional facility for the custody, treatment, rehabilitation, and education of committed youth. Each youth receives rehabilitative services appropriate to the youth’s age, risk, needs, abilities, and committing offenses. This includes education, individual and group counseling, psychological services, health care, and recreation. In addition, specialized housing units focus on youth with histories of substance dependence, mental health, and sexual offenses.”

There are about 216 youth offenders held at the Adobe Mountain School at any given time. Roughly 199 of them are male, and 17 are female. A good number of them (18.5%) are there because of parole violations. Each youth offender serves an average of 8.2 months in confinement. Supervision includes monitoring education, health, and rehabilitation.

Community Corrections

Once a youth offender is released from custody, the community corrections division takes over and monitors them through supervision and other community-based programs.

Facts and Statistics

Some youth offenders are eligible to remain in custody from age 17–19. The highest number of youths in Arizona detention is age 17. The next highest number of youths are age 16, then 15. Only about six are age 14 or under. More than 50% of the youth offenders are Hispanic, only 22.2% are Black, 21.8% are white, and the rest is a mix of Asian, American Indian, Mexican Nationals and unknown.

Forty-four of the youth offenders are considered high-risk, 43.5% are medium-risk, and the remainder of 12.5% are labeled low-risk. Most of them were sentenced to confinement for property offenses. After that, it was crimes against another person, drug offenses, weapons, disorderly conduct, and then non-delinquent offenses.

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