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Arizona County Jail Facilities

The state of Arizona uses local jails for temporary confinement of pretrial detainees and recently arrested individuals. There are sixteen local county jails in Arizona. Each is located in a county and serves one or more towns. They are run and managed by local law enforcement, which is often the local Sheriff’s Office or local police.

Local Sheriff’s Offices are responsible for all Arizona county jail inmate records. Many local law enforcement agencies have websites with a search feature so someone can perform an Arizona county jail inmate search at any time of day or night. Some have lists of current residents instead.

County Jails

Local county jails in Arizona date back to the 1800s. This was before any penitentiaries was built. All law enforcement was handled at the local town and county level.

Some of the local jails such as Apache County Jail, have different levels of custody, ranging from low security to maximum-security units. Even though these facilities serve short-term inmates, they have a recreational area, showers, a dayroom, double-bunked cells, and a visiting area with private annex for attorney-client meetings.

Most county jails offer bail and bond services if family or friends can arrange payment. However, it takes at least 24 hours after the bail or bond has been paid for the release to be processed, and the inmate let out.

With the advent of technology, inmates in local county jail can attend a remote visitation session with a loved one who cannot visit in person. Time slots are limited, and they are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Online visits are limited to 20 minutes, and there is a fee involved.

County Detention Centers

Some counties have larger detention centers made for longer-term inmates with more cells, and even more robust services, programs, and facility amenities. These are called county detention centers, and there are two in Arizona: Graham County Detention Center, and Navajo County Detention Center. They are described as “The primary function of the detention facility is to safely and securely, detain both pretrial detainees and County sentenced inmates.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 14,000 people in local county Arizona jails at any given time. The top reasons people are arrested and put in jail in Arizona are property crimes. Larceny-theft accounts for more than 60% of the inmates in jail. After that, burglary, automobile theft, and aggravated assault also top the list. Less than.2% are arrested for murder in Arizona and only 1.3% for rape.


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