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Alaska State Prison Inmate Search

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Alaska State Prisons and Facilities

Alaska has four types of correctional facilities. First, there are eleven state prisons in Alaska. There is one correctional work farm that is used for transitioning inmates before they are released as part of their reentry program. Alaska also has a pretrial facility that holds temporary inmates who have not yet been sentenced and the state also has a training academy. The Alaska Department of Corrections Training and Recruitment Academy is where correctional staff learn how to deal with inmates, dangerous situations, and navigate the justice system to provide a cohesive environment for all inmates.

All of these state-run facilities fall under the direction of the Alaska Department of Corrections (ADOC). They are entirely responsible for all Alaska state prison inmate records. On their website is an offender locator so that the public can perform a quick and easy Alaska state prison inmate search at any time. The Alaska Department of Corrections is headed up by Director, Sylvan Robb and Deputy Director Teri West. Their mission states that:

“The Alaska Department of Corrections provides secure confinement, reformative programs, and a process of supervised community reintegration to enhance the safety of our communities. We are trained professionals committed to a safe, open and respectful organization. We are dedicated to public safety and will always respect the rights and dignity of victims of crime. Offenders in our charge will be treated in a safe and humane manner and will be expected to enhance their ability to reform every day.”

While in prison, inmates can expect to receive education, programs aimed at substance abuse, mental health treatment, and vocational assistance for when they are released.

There are about 4,900 inmates in Alaska state prisons. Almost 90% of those inmates are male, and only a small fraction is female. Over the past five years, prison populations in Alaska have dropped by 1,000 inmates.

Alaska State Prison Inmates

Of the 4,900 inmates in state prison in Alaska, the majority of them (1,203) were sent to prison for offenses against another person. Almost 800 of them committed sex crimes, only 93 committed weapons offenses. Three hundred are in prison due to drug and alcohol charges. The total prison population in Alaska is spread pretty evenly when it comes to race. There are equal numbers of Alaska natives, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic and unknown race inmates within the system.

Alaska’s prison rate is just shy of the national average.

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