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Alaska County Jail Inmate Search

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Alaska County Jail Facilities

This state is unique in that there are fifteen local county jails in Alaska, but it also houses a lot of pretrial inmates in one state facility, The Anchorage Community Complex. Most states hold pretrial detainees in local jails only.

The Alaska Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of all state-run facilities, and they oversee all state prisons, as well as this particular local jail annex. They are also responsible for all Alaska county jail inmate records. Anyone interested in performing an Alaska county jail inmate search can do so easily by contacting the ADOC or checking on their website and using their offender locator feature.

Local County Jails

There are fifteen local county jails in Alaska. Many of them hold only tribal offenders. These local county jails are managed and operated by local police and Sheriff’s Offices. They are generally pretty low-security as they house pretrial inmates awaiting sentencing. Some inmates who are sentenced to short stays will remain in local county jail. The fifteen local jails in Alaska include:

  • Barrow.
  • Cordova.
  • Craig.
  • Dillingham.
  • Haines.
  • Homer.
  • King Salmon.
  • Kodiac.
  • Kotzebue.
  • Petersburg.
  • Seward.
  • Sitka.
  • Unalaska.
  • Valdez.
  • Wrangell.

There are only 100 inmates in local jails in the state of Alaska.

Anchorage Community Complex Jail

The Anchorage Community Complex Jail is where most Alaskan pretrial detainees will go before sentencing. It is managed and operated by the Alaska Department of Corrections. They have information about visitation, sending money, a “what to expect” guide for those checking in and information about inmate’s property and mail. When being admitted to this facility, inmates are not allowed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or carry any weapons. This facility is overseen by Superintendent, Zane Nighswonger, and Assistant Superintendent, Chris Lyou. Additionally, they offer bail and bond services 24-hours per day for inmates who can afford to be released in this way. They must have a third-party pick them up, and it takes about 4 hours for release to be processed.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Inmates who stay in jail for their entire confinement are there due to petty crimes like misdemeanors. Felons will eventually be moved to state prison for the remainder of their sentence. While in jail, inmates are encouraged to take part in educational programs, treatment programs for mental health and substance abuse issues, and are offered spiritual and volunteer opportunities as well.


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