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Alabama State Prisons and Facilities

Alabama has three types of state corrections facilities. First, they have major correction facilities, which are state prisons in Alabama. Then they have community-based facilities and community work centers, which is how they help inmates transition back into society, find jobs, and become contributing members of the community. Alabama also has private and out-of-state facilities they use to house some inmates as a way to control the overcrowding of their prisons.

Alabama has fourteen state prisons, twelve community-based facilities/community work centers,and two out-of-state/private prison facilities.

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is the government agency in charge of all these prison facilities and Alabama state prison inmate records. They have an inmate locator on their website to allow the general public to conduct an Alabama state prison inmate search at any time. The ADOC is located in Montgomery, Alabama and it is headed up by Commissioner, Jefferson S. Dunn. Their initiatives include:

  • Increasing public safety.
  • Decreasing prison overcrowding and recidivism rates.
  • Reuniting parents and children.
  • Offering community referral linkages to inmates and ex-offenders.
  • Decreasing public health and social disparities within the offender population.

There are roughly 28,000 inmates in Alabama’s state prisons. Half of them are in level 4 security, 36% are in level 5, and only 14% are in levels 1 & 2. Roughly 78% have sentences of less than ten years. Slightly more African Americans (56.1%) are in prison in Alabama than white people (43.2%). Seven percent of the inmate population is female.

Alabama State Prison Inmates

Of the 28,000 Alabama inmates in prison, many of them are there because of drug charges. Some other top reasons for incarceration in Alabama are theft, burglary, robbery, assault, forgery, and then murder. Only about 363 inmates have committed murder or manslaughter. About 17,000 inmates are in the major facilities. Another 1,669 are in work centers, 1,068 are in work release camps, and 485 are in private prisons or other contracted facilities.

While incarcerated, Alabama inmates may be employed, receive higher education, and take part in various vocational programs designed to help them when they are released. Part of their reentry program includes the following items:

  • Access immediate food, clothing and shelter.
  • Obtain a driver’s license or personal identification card.
  • Access faith-based mentoring and support.
  • Obtain medical and/or dental care.
  • Access substance abuse treatment and mental health services.
  • Look for job placement, vocational training, and career development.
  • Re-establish parental rights and child custody.

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