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Alabama Federal Facilities

The state of Alabama has two different types of federal prison facilities. They have one Residential Reentry Office in Montgomery. Then there are three federal prisons in Alabama which include Aliceville FCI, Montgomery FPC, and Talladega FCI. The Aliceville FCI facility is a female federal prison which holds 1,507 female offenders.

It is quite easy to conduct an Alabama federal prison inmate search. The Federal Bureau of Prisons maintains all Alabama federal prison inmate records and has an inmate locator feature on their website.

Residential Reentry Offices

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has twenty-two residential reentry management field offices. They administer contracts for community-based services between the FOB and federal courts, state and local corrections offices, community groups, and the U.S. Marshals Service all within their specific judicial districts. These offices provide federal inmates with community-based services upon re-entry back into society. The Montgomery RRM field office has jurisdiction over Northern Alabama, Middle Alabama, Southern, Alabama, Northern Mississippi, and Southern Mississippi.

Residential reentry management field offices do not hold inmates, but they do manage them. Below is a breakdown of the total U.S. population managed by the twenty-two RRM field offices:

  • 37 Juveniles.
  • 1,943- Home Confinement.
  • 518 - Jail/Short-term.
  • 121 -Long-term Boarders.
  • 7,934 - Residential Reentry Centers.

Federal Prison Facilities

Alabama has three federal prisons. Two hold male offenders, and the third is for females only. The three federal prisons in Alabama include Aliceville FCI, Montgomery FPC, and Talladega FCI.

Each facility has a different security level and holds a different number of inmates.

Aliceville FCI- is a low-security institution with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp. It holds 1,507 total inmates with 1,241 at the FCI and 266 at the camp.

Montgomery FPCis a medium-security federal prison camp with 730 male offenders.

Talladega FCI - is a medium-security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp. It holds 1,047 inmates, 853 of them at the FCI and 221 in the camp.

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Alabama

A few famous individuals were previously incarcerated in or currently reside in a federal prison in Alabama. The list of notable inmates in Alabama federal prison includes:

John Paul Jr. - IndyCar driver convicted on May 8, 1986, for racketeering.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. - Son of Jesse Jackson guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, and for using $750,000 in campaign funds for personal use.

Charles Colson - special counsel to President Nixon, guilty of obstruction of justice in 1974 during the Watergate Scandal.

Jeff Skilling - former CEO of Enron Corporation, in prison for conspiracy, insider trading, and securities fraud.


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