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Alabama County Jail Facilities

There are sixty-seven county jails in Alabama. Each of them is run by the county Sheriff’s Office and local police. These facilities are used as temporary confinement for individuals who were just arrested and are either awaiting their initial hearing with a judge or a trial to determine their guilt or innocence. Sometimes a judge will order a very short sentence for misdemeanors, and the person will be kept in jail to serve the weeks or months assigned. In Alabama, the entire correctional system, including jails, is overcrowded with not enough facilities to hold all the inmates.

Each local county Sheriff’s Office is responsible for Alabama county jail inmate records. To perform an Alabama county jail inmate search either contact the local Sheriff’s Office by phone or in-person or check online. Some of the local law enforcement agencies have websites with inmate search features or listings of current jail inmates on them.

The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is the government agency in charge of prisons and other correctional facilities, and they work closely with local county jails to facilitate the transfer of inmates. Commissioner Jefferson S. Dunn is the executive leader of the ADOC.

The History of Alabama County Jails

Alabama county jails have existed since the 1800s. Back then, inmates were required to work on farms or cotton plantations during their incarceration. After an unfortunate mining accident in 1911, which killed 111 prisoners, the state stopped renting out inmates to local businesses. However, local Sheriff’s Offices continued to rent out jail inmates until 1927.

Currently, approximately 13,000 individuals are housed in local county jails in Alabama. There are three times as many black inmates in jail in Alabama than white. Between the two fall Hispanic inmates.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

The majority of inmates in local county jails in Alabama have committed property crimes like breaking and entering, theft, burglary, and stealing cars. Only a small fraction are in jail due to violent crimes like murder, rape, burglary, and assault. The majority of inmates residing in Alabama county jails have committed misdemeanors like drug crimes and other petty offenses. Many of these inmates will serve sentences anywhere from six to twelve months of jail time.

More than 75% of the offenders of violent crimes are male. Nine percent are perpetrated by females, and the other 14% is undetermined.


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