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Comprehensive & Instant Inmate Records Lookup

Inmate Records

Inmate Records

Our all-in-one inmate records report will deliver the most relevant public information you need to know for any given offender, including, arrest records, inmate profile, details, address, prison location, offense and conviction details.

Case Information

Case Information

By simply typing a name, you can instantly pull a report with accurate inmate case information on their criminal history, current case charges, sentences and expected release date.

Sentencing & Incarceration

Sentencing & Incarceration

If you want to track a detainee's movements as soon as he was sentenced to jail, we'll deliver a thorough report where you'll find much more than the basic inmate profile, known aliases, race, sex, date and state of birth, weight, height, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks or tattoos, any prison or parole info. Get ready to gain deeper access to conviction and sentencing date, place, pleas, fines paid and any appeals.

Jail Records

Jail Records

Jail facilities create and constantly update the inmate jail records, while the County Sheriff's Office keeps records and official lists of inmates. Public jail records are accessible to anyone who wants to know more about someone sentenced to prison. The report reveals all the details registered from the second someone is jailed until their release. The easier way to obtain such info is online, through professional data lookup tools.

Nationwide Inmate Search

Nationwide Inmate Search

As soon as someone is booked in jail, law enforcement agencies create a file that keeps track of every step along the sentencing and incarceration process. The inmate records sources are the main four types of US correctional facilities: federal prisons, state prisons, private prisons, and jails.

Based on the aggressiveness and the risk they pose, criminals are ranked as minimum-security inmates (low-risk), low security (for non-violent convicts), medium security (more dangerous people who need extra supervision) and maximum security (for the most violent ones, with a long criminal past)

Inmate Records Report

What Else Can You Find in an Inmate Report?

Criminal & Court Records

This section of your report will reveal relevant details on someone's arrests, warrants, felony or misdemeanour charges, DUI/DWI, police reports, parole details. In addition, you can see an inmate's past and current legal cases – from criminal court cases to family court, traffic court, personal injury cases, and many more.

Probation Records

You will be able to know key facts about a probationer's sentencing and incarceration, court and release dates, sentence terms, conditions, prison and parole details, and probation type: supervised, unsupervised, courtesy supervision, interstate compact or intensive probation. Probation records also reveal if a person violates probation by leaving the jurisdiction, not reporting to their officer, failing a drug test or not paying a fine.

Warrant Records

An online inmate warrant lookup promptly displays on your screen the most relevant warrant details including criminal complaints, court summons and arrests due to outstanding criminal or civil warrants.

Common Questions About Inmate Records

How Does Inmate Records Search Work?

The more basic personal details you know about an inmate, the more chances you have to access in-depth information about their records. Our database brings millions of inmate records at your fingertips. Primary personal details are a click away, such as physical description, race, gender, aliases, age, and home address. Within seconds, you will also know case-specific facts, including charges filed, plea, disposition, sentencing, and incarceration details.

How Do You Find Out Where an Inmate is Located?

Finding an inmate is easy, especially if you have their name, state or even better, their date of birth or incarceration number. Databases such as InfoTracer allow you to locate inmates and look up their history of arrests, parole, and release dates.

Prison Gangs & Culture

Many violent facilities have their own subculture that sets the rules of contraband and drugs. Prison gangs control a strict inmate social order and provide protection to gang members. Felons serving long sentences in violent correctional institutions often have no choice but to join the “inmate society.” By adapting and coping with the convict code imposed by the gangs within, they fulfill the few basic human needs of safety, privacy, companionship, and recreation.

Why Search for Inmate Records with InfoTracer?

Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money has one of the most extensive coverage areas in the industry. We cover over 3,500 federal, state & municipal sources nationwide. Spare a time consuming visit to a courthouse & save money by accessing the same records with our powerful online search.

Extensive Database

Extensive Database has one of the largest public records databases in the industry, over 2 billion records and counting. These range from criminal histories, arrest records, bankruptcy filings to assets, marriage & divorce records.

Always Updated

Always Updated

Our data is updated regularly to bring you one of the up-to-date records in the industry. Some of our data such as arrest records are updated on a daily basis across all available states.

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