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What Does an Inmate Report Include?

Our all-in-one inmate records report delivers the most relevant public information you need to know for any given offender, including arrest records, inmate profile, details, address, prison location, offense, and conviction details.


Inmate Profile

By simply typing a name, you can instantly pull a report with inmate information split under the following fields: full name, middle name, inmate register number, known aliases, race, sex, date of birth, weight, height, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks or tattoos, and last known address.

Jail Records

Find out everything about the facility where the inmate is located, including address, type of facility (federal or state prison; juvenile; psychiatric, military; general), security level (minimum, medium, or maximum security), and more.

Offense Details

Get to know more about offense date, location, witnesses, victim details, charges, parole information, offense type, judged by the severity of the crime (minor or major). For criminal acts, offenses could refer to personal crimes, financial crimes, statutory crimes, or property crimes.

Sentencing and Incarceration

Anyone who wishes to track a detainee's movements after being sentenced to jail, our thorough report gives access to conviction and sentencing date, place, pleas, fines paid, parole, expected release date, charge, degree, level, and appeals.

What are Inmate Records?

Inmate Search Tool -

As soon as someone is taken into custody, law enforcement agencies create a file that keeps track of every step along with the booking, sentencing, and incarceration process. Inmate records are constantly sourced from the main five types of US correctional facilities: federal prisons, state prisons, private prisons, city and county jails.

Based on the aggressiveness and the public safety risk
they pose, inmates are ranked as:

  • Minimum-Security Criminals (low-risk offenders).
  • Low Security (for non-violent convicts).
  • Medium Security (more dangerous people who need extra supervision).
  • Maximum Security (for the most violent ones, with a long criminal past).

Although the term "prisoner"refers to a person who is confined against their will, according to the law, it can only be attributed to prosecuted felons and those incarcerated for misdemeanors. "Inmate" is used for criminals who are serving time in prisons.

Incarcerations by the Numbers

  • Over 2.2 million people currently locked in the nation’s jails and prisons
  • A 500% increase over the last forty years
  • 1 in 9 inmates serving life sentences and 33% of lifers’ sentences are without parole

How many people are locked up in the United States?

Regardless of the committed crime, digitalized nationwide inmate records help people track anyone who has ever been through the US disciplinary system. Locating an inmate or a parolee is as simple as typing their name, case number, or uploading their photo into our lookup tool. Our data scanning feature returns any relevant public records and offender information from the full name, current location, detailed physical description, to time of arrest, court dates, hearings, sentencing, and rulings.

Common Questions About Inmate Lookup

How To Search For An Inmate?

When looking up a prisoner, start with the state's department of correction website, which usually offers an inmate search engine. In some states, the individual city or county correction facilities' websites have inmate-tracing functions. For federal inmates, the Federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate locator is very efficient.

How To Search For An Inmate In Prison?

Any offender incarcerated from 1982 to the present can be easily located through the Find an Inmate search tool on the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Register (, the Department of Corrections or You can look up by inmate's name or number.

How To Search For An Inmate In Federal Prison?

The United States Department of Justice provides a federal inmate locator tool on their website ( Any federal prisoner incarcerated after 1982 is listed in this massive searchable database. The inmate search can be conducted by name, race, gender, age, or identification number.

How Can I See Inmate Mugshots?

To access mugshots of inmates who are or have been in a prison or jail, use the respective County's Detention Facility's website Inmate Search tool. Otherwise, try or visit the websites of local police department or the county courthouse.

How To Find Out If Someone Is In Jail?

You can instantly figure out if someone is arrested or in-custody through the Inmate Search tool from the Detention Bureau section on the local Sheriff's Office website or the County Correctional Facility Inmate Search. For a more efficient, nationwide tracking, is the best alternative.

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