What Is a Complete Background Report & What Can It Revealed?

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in LawFebruary 21, 2021

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If you wanted to find out about a total stranger or someone you knew, you used to have to either visit dozens of government agencies and offices for public records or hire a private investigator to dig deep into someone’s past for you. However, now we have the magic of the internet at our hands, and within minutes, you can get a full background report on someone and find out more than you could ever imagine.

What Shows up on a Background Report?

A Google search is great, but it can only uncover just so much. In order to get the full scoop, you need a complete background report performed by a company that has access to all the information. InfoTracer’s background report tool can unearth so much detail. Some of the items you can learn about someone include:

1. Criminal Records

Everything from arrest records, inmate records, sex offenses, traffic violations, DUIs, and incarcerations will be included in a complete background report. If you go looking for things like police reports, mug shots, or warrants by yourself, you may need to visit courthouses and other agencies across the country. If you do a single search with InfoTracer, you can see criminal records from all over the country without having to leave your desk. 

People often do not want to share their criminal past with others. Some crimes cannot be erased or expunged, and therefore a thorough background report will reveal them. 

Public records searches pull millions of records from hundreds of agencies and collect them in one nice easy package allowing you to perform a complete background search in minutes.

2. Marriages and Divorces

Say you have a friend who has never been married, or so you thought. With a quick peek into their past, you might find that not only have they been married, they also never bothered to get divorced! A complete background report will show marriages and divorces from anywhere across the U.S. 

Don’t worry about visiting various courts; you can do your search in your pajamas online.

3. Court Cases, Liens, Bankruptcy, and Judgments

Before you get entangled with someone new, it’s a good idea to know if they have pending court cases on the docket, have ever been sued, or are currently facing criminal charges. Courts from all over the U.S. feed public information into the system, so a complete background report will show any pending liens, bankruptcy cases, judgments, sentencing, and bail, bond, fines, and fees. 

4. Birth and Death Records

Although there are specific laws regarding access to birth and death records, you may be able to access yours or someone else’s with authorization. Birth and death records can tell you a lot about someone. For example, if your boyfriend tells you his father passed away and he had to attend the funeral, and you look online and find his father is alive and well living in Boca Raton, perhaps it’s time for a conversation. 

birth records

5. VIN, License Plate, and Driving Records

Many driving records are available online. Although there are laws such as the Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) that protect the privacy of DMV records, you can also find out a lot about someone from VIN, license plate, and driving record lookups. Driving violations, parking tickets, vehicle information, and license plate details are public records, and you can view them quickly and easily online. If you are an employer hiring a new driver, you will want to check out the person’s driving record before handing over an offer letter. Before hiring that nanny, make sure he or she doesn’t have a string of DUIs under their belt.

6. Personal Details

Ever wondered about the secret life of a friend or lover? With a complete background search, you can find out if your subject has secret email accounts, social media profiles you knew nothing about (even some obscure or naughty ones). You can do an IP search to find out where someone is located or even ping their phone to see if they have other cell phones associated with their name. You can even see snapshots of their social media that you were unaware of. Find usernames, property records, assets, previous addresses, and more!

Some other things you will see are a list of relatives of your person of interest, professional licenses they hold, and political contributions so you can gauge where their loyalties lie. 

If you want the full picture, you need to get a complete background report. We never really know anyone truly, so why not find out today what details you are missing? 

A full background report is quick, easy, and informative. In this day and age of online dating, you cannot be too careful. Before you start a new friendship or love interest, find out who you are really dealing with and be safe. 

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