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How to Tell if Partner is Cheating on You

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in DatingJanuary 07, 2021

When in a romantic relationship, we all want to believe we have found the perfect mate. However, the reality is often not so kind, and some of us find out that our supposed devoted partner has been cheating all along. The statistics are staggering, and a whopping 60% of romantic partners cheat on their primary devotee. 

Before you get blindsided by the truth, there are ways you can check up on your loved one to ensure they are actually true to you.

Signs of Cheating to Watch Out For

If you suspect that your partner may be cheating and your gut tells you there is something wrong, you may be right, but you may also be wrong. Some clear telltale signs that your partner may be cheating are:

  • Sneaky phone or computer use - If your partner hides their phone or closes the laptop as you enter a room, it is clear they are talking to someone or doing something they do not want you to know about. If they usually had both unlocked and now there is a passcode, that might tell you something right there.
  • Looking their best - If your special someone is suddenly working out more, dressing better, or wearing a new cologne, again, it might be nothing, but it also may spell trouble. A new hair cut does not necessarily spell disaster, but it’s worth thinking about.
  • Working late or unreachable - Suddenly, your loved one is working late at the office regularly, or you can’t reach them via text or phone during the day. That is another possible sign that your beloved is loving someone else.
  • Distant or hostile behavior - If your partner is suddenly distant with you, less affectionate, or even hostile, it could be a defense mechanism to rationalize their cheating, or the guilt is working on them over time.
  • New hobbies - Does your mate suddenly seem interested in things he or she was never interested in before? It could be the influence of someone new. 
  • Showering you with gifts - If you suddenly start receiving gifts for no reason, it could be a rekindled love for you, or it could be guilt because he or she is cheating. 
  • Unexplained charges on the credit card - If you see charges for gas stations out of town, hotels, or restaurants where you did not go together, it’s time to look into what is going on. 
  • Change in your sex life - If you notice drastic changes in your sex life, again, this could be a direct sign that your partner is cheating with someone else. 

how to tell if your partner is cheating

How to Find Out if Your Partner is Cheating

If you don’t feel comfortable confronting your significant other, there are more subtle ways to check and confirm whether or not they are cheating. A few ideas include:

  • Reverse phone lookup - If your love is on the phone a lot when they are supposed to be home enjoying time with you. Jot down the number they call or receive and do a reverse phone lookup. You may be shocked at who comes up.
  • Keep tabs on their mileage - If you want to get granular, you can keep tabs on your partner’s mileage, and if you know it takes 5 miles to get to work, and they log 20 every other day, it’s time to ask where they’ve been.
  • Keep a close eye on your bedroom and bathroom - If your cheating loved one has entertained in your home, you should search every inch for some evidence before confronting them.
  • Review monthly statements - If you are seriously concerned, look at your finances and see if there is anything odd going on with your bank account or credit card statements.
  • Background check - You can also pull a very comprehensive background check on your partner and find out all sorts of information such as hidden accounts they have (perhaps on dating sites), email accounts you knew nothing about, social media profiles that are hidden from you and public records. You may find out more about your partner than you ever knew before. If they never got that divorce, they mentioned you would learn that too. The innocent “trouble” they had a while back might be more serious, and you can review their criminal charges to get the full story.

InfoTracer has an excellent background check tool where you can get the full scoop and then some. You can see arrests, social media profiles, convictions, incarcerations, sex crimes, marriages and divorces, court cases, email accounts, past addresses, phone numbers, and more!

Don’t sit around worrying, do something today to find out once and for all if your partner is cheating on you or has skeletons in their closet they never mentioned.

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