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Top 14 Cybersecurity Companies for 2021

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in SecurityApril 22, 2021


2020 has taught the world a lot about adapting and acceptance. The corporate world and government agencies saw a massive spike in data breaches, ransomware, and cybersecurity attacks during 2020 than in previous years.

The key to pivoting and staying on top in this uncertain world is learning about the best cybersecurity products available and implementing them to create a fortress of impenetrable security for your company.

Some of the best cybersecurity products on the market today are:

1. Carbon Black

Carbon Black is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and they specialize in cloud IT cybersecurity services. Their array of products includes antivirus and malware protection, virtualized data center security, enterprise-level AV replacement, and ransomware protection, as well as critical system lockdown options. Carbon Black is a VMware company that gets high marks from discerning cybersecurity professionals. 

2. Sailpoint Technologies

Also getting the nod from security experts is Sailpoint Technologies that operates out of Texas. The company is a front-runner for identity governance platforms. They allow IT departments to easily discern who has access to what, who should have access, and how the access is being used. These are critical questions when it comes to securing your corporate assets and network from intrusions. 

3. Rapid7

Rapid7, also located in Boston, Massachusetts, is in the software, risk management, and IoT space. They provide companies with cybersecurity tools, but they also perform security audits, including penetration testing, system analysis, app security testing, and incident detection and response. They also offer vulnerability management tools to help secure those weak areas of your network. 

4. Webroot

Webroot has been around for a long-time providing cloud-based cybersecurity tools for individuals, small businesses, and even enterprise-level solutions. Some of their offerings include real-time protection against identity theft, viruses, malicious attacks, phishing emails, and Wi-Fi security solutions. 

5. OneSpan

Onespan out of Illinois covers the mobile security space. They provide products and services for authentication, mobile app security, risk management, and fraud identification and protection. Onespan delivers its services seamlessly and dynamically. 

6. KnowBe4

Valued at more than 1 billion, KnowBe4 is a quickly rising superstar in the cybersecurity space. With the plethora of cyberattacks during 2020, it's no wonder this company is climbing the ranks. They provide simulated cybersecurity training online for corporate executives and staff. Training employees about cybersecurity is more important than ever before. If even one employee knows not to click a link in a phishing email, it could save millions and avoid a devastating result. 


7. Crowdstrike

Crowdstrike, based out of California, is the developer of the Falcon platform offering high-level antivirus and ransomware protection, threat intelligence services, incident response, and end-to-end detection and protection. The company also provides risk management and cybersecurity audits. 

8. Check Point

As the name implies, Check Point offers network security devices like firewalls to guard the gate. The company also provides enterprise and consumer-based cybersecurity products. Their services are rated very high in consumer satisfaction. 

9. Malwarebytes

If you read about cybersecurity, you have probably heard about Malwarebytes. Their researchers are some of the best in the business, identifying vulnerabilities in hardware and software. They also have a suite of products designed specifically for enterprise-level protection against brute force attacks, malware, and ransomware. They offer cloud-based options that work on the Windows platform. 

10. Netsparker

Netsparker provides website protection from intruders, malware, and other types of threats. Another great feature is its ability to identify vulnerabilities so you can patch them before they become a problem. The real-time scanning and protection give you peace of mind. They offer various levels of sophistication and deployment. 

11. NetMotion Software

NetMotion Software is for enterprises with a large fleet of mobile devices that require management. The software solutions improve mobile traffic performance, allow IT professionals to connect remotely without any hassle, and gain better control over the entire network of equipment. 

12. Duo Security

Duo Security out of Michigan provides an invaluable service offering clients a cloud-based BYOD (bring your own device) security model. They specialize in two-factor authentication, mobile security, and the prevention of data breaches, credential stuffing, and other types of threats. 

13. Fortinet

Fortinet is quickly becoming the top name in next-generation firewall technology. They also specialize in unified threat management (UTM). The company was designed for enterprise-level cybersecurity and response. They offer an expansive menu of cloud-based and on-site products and services.

14. Cisco

Cisco is a name you will recognize. They have been in the high-tech game for ages. Cisco is known for enterprise-level networking solutions, but as hackers and thieves have ramped up operations, Cisco has expanded its line-up to include security products like UTMs, firewalls, malware and antivirus, cloud-based protection, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Cisco is a name you know you can trust.

Regardless of how you outfit your organization for cybersecurity, you must cover every single device, software, and point of entry. The list above will help you find products and services to cover your every cybersecurity need.

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