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What Does Technology Addiction Lead to?

Posted on by Alison OLeary in SafetyNovember 10, 2018

What Is the Definition of Technology Addiction?

Technology addiction is the inability to put a type of technology down and focus on anything else long enough to be productive. This can include addiction to social media, video games, television, and even regular computer programming. Unfortunately, technology addiction in youth is increasingly growing nowadays.There are several dangers involved with becoming addicted to technology, much like drugs – only detrimental to your health in different ways. 

technology addiction

What Are the Dangers of Abusing Technology?

Danger #1: You Run the Risk of Becoming a Victim

The inability to put down your phone or turn off your computer means you’re much more likely to succumb to an Internet scam that is only out to implement identity theft to steal your money or identity – or both. Shopping online increases the risk of your financial information being stolen, and even visiting chat rooms increases your chances of interacting with a scammer who may have the patience to gain your trust over time and eventually reel you into a scam.

Danger #2: You Risk Bad Eyesight

Staring at any electronic screen risks damage to your eyes and progressively worsening eyesight. If you’re addicted to technology, you run this risk too. Anyone who works with technology finds it advisable to regularly rest their eyes and leave the screen at least once an hour. In addition, playing with technology in low-light conditions can strain your eyes and cause them to eventually start protesting with blurred and even double-vision, as well as sensitivity to light.

Danger #3: You Risk a Fatal Accident

If you’re addicted to technology and you have the tendency to texting while driving or even walking, you risk having a fatal accident. People have inadvertently walked into traffic and even swerved their vehicle into others while trying to text or post on social media.

Danger #4: You Risk Financial Ruin

If you often do online gambling and that’s where your addiction stems from, you run the risk of getting in over your head financially. Owing people money and repeating the cycle by just continuing to gamble can lead to poor credit scores, stifling credit card balances and even financial strain on the family’s living expenses.

Danger #5: You Risk Ruining Relationships

No one wants to talk to your forehead. If you constantly are messing with technology while you’re with friends and family, you’re missing the point of being with them in the first place. Be in the moment and put the thing down. Try to make the loved ones in your life feel valued.

technology addiction

Danger #6: You Risk Your Sleep Patterns

Using electronics, especially at night, can alter your ability to get to sleep and stay asleep. Research has shown that the light given off by even electronic reading devices tells your brain to stay awake and makes it harder to fall asleep. If you aren’t getting enough quality sleep, your productivity decreases and you won’t be able to get anything done during the day, either.

Danger #7: Your Risk Your Posture and Health

Looking down at your phone or gaming device puts undue stress on your neck muscles and upper back. This can lead to poor posture, resulting in a hunchback over time. Even sitting at your desk looking at the computer can hurt your back if you don’t sit up straight. And repeated hand movements required while typing, texting, and gaming can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and other stress-related injuries in the hands and arms. Even worse, inactivity stemming from extended hours using technology can lead to heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases

Danger #8: You Risk Your Job

Regardless of your profession, being addicted to technology can affect your performance at work and puts you at risk for losing your job. If you are constantly distracted by your choice in technology and can’t put it down during work hours, your employer will notice – and take note.

The dangers of technology addiction are very real and underestimated. As the use of technology grows, there is an increasing number of addicts created and even support groups to deal with the problem. If you notice someone you love may be addicted to technology, you may want to approach the subject and see if you can help them get back to the real world again. If you fear you or one of your children may have such an addiction, start making a conscious effort to minimize time on electronics and bar it from any time together at home.

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