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10 Crazy Laws in Different States in the United States

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in LawSeptember 18, 2018

There sure are some crazy laws out there, and it begs the question “what happened to prompt lawmakers to enact such nonsense?” We have dug up the stupidest laws we could find where you will be arrested and face heavy fines and even prison time for doing some really silly things.

1. Arizona – You Better Get to the Dentist Quick!

In the great state of Arizona, you will be arrested if you are over the age of eighteen and have more than one missing tooth showing when you smile. No, we are not joking. This crazy law was set up during the Wild West days to make dentistry a priority.

2. Louisiana – No Alligator Theft Allowed

Be sure careful when you are traveling down south if you plan on snatching an alligator. In the boot-shaped state of Louisiana, you will be sentenced to 10 years of jail time in Louisiana for stealing an alligator. It doesn’t matter if the alligator is dead or alive or if you take only its skin or other body parts, you will be breaking the law. The fines for this crime are somewhere between $500-$3000. You might want to rethink alligator stealing when visiting the Bayou.

3. Minnesota – No Massages After 11

Be careful about what time you get your “spa” on. In Minnesota, if you schedule your massage after 11 p.m., you will be charged with a misdemeanor. This rule applies to super early morning appointments too. Massage therapists are warned to keep hours between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

4. Nevada – Just Say No to Sex Toys

In the western state of Nevada, sex toys of any kind are entirely illegal. No one may sell, purchase, or own them. So if you want to get your freak on, you will have to do it in another state. However, in Texas, you can own a few, but no more than six, or you will be breaking the law.

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5. New Mexico – Idiots May Not Vote

This one might take the cake. According to New Mexico law, all citizens are eligible to vote in state elections only if they have lived in New Mexico for twelve months or more and they are not one of the following; an “idiot,” clinically insane, or have committed a felony.

6. Oklahoma – No Bear Wrestling

Oklahomans really love their animals. It is unlawful for you to trip a horse or wrestle a bear in the state of Oklahoma. Events showcasing these two scenarios of abuse are completely illegal, and you cannot sponsor or make money off them.

7. Vermont – Get Naked at Home Then Go Out

If you live in Vermont, you cannot disrobe in public, but it’s perfectly legal to strip naked at home and venture out anywhere you like.

8. Washington – Don’t Harass Bigfoot

In Washington State, it is illegal for bothering any undiscovered species such as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or any ape-like creature you encounter during a hike.

9. New Hampshire – No Picnicking in the Cemetery

New England residents respect the dead, and you are not allowed to picnic in a cemetery in many New Hampshire counties. It is also illegal to steal seaweed off the beaches so watch your back while in the granite state.

10. Oregon – Hold the Poop

You are not allowed to throw your poop out of a moving car in the state of Oregon. Fees start at $250 for leaving a jar of pee on the side of the road. It appears that bodily fluids are frowned upon on the highways or in Oregon.

How to Avoid Fines/Jail Time

Our first suggestion would be to avoid doing any of these things that might get you into trouble. But if you really can’t help yourself, here is how to avoid the consequences.

When you are arrested you can claim ignorance and depend on the law officer who catches you; you may get off with a strict warning. However, you may be arrested and have to stand trial.

Many of these seemingly crazy laws are scantily enforced, and you may not need to fight them in court. But if you do, get a good lawyer who can argue the ridiculousness and outdated nature of the law and possibly get your case dismissed or at least no fines and time served.

When traveling across the United States, it is a good idea to brush up on what is legal, and what is not so you don’t get into trouble while wrestling a bear or having a quiet, cemetery picnic.

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