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Rekindling Relationships with a Public Records Search

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in DatingDecember 30, 2020

In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose touch with friends and loved ones. However, it may also be just as easy to rekindle those relationships and find a long lost relative or friend you have been missing.

How to Reconnect With Someone Using Public Records

You may have tried to look someone up on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter), but shockingly, not everyone is online in the same way. Some people prefer to live more off the grid, and social media doesn’t fit into their lifestyle. 

One great way to find someone is through public records. Did you know there is a ton of information available right now on just about every person out there? Whenever someone buys or sells a home, it is recorded in public records, criminal records, most court records, some police reports, and a plethora of other interesting facts and details exit online for you to locate someone easily. InfoTracer makes that job super easy with a search using a name, license plate, username, email, phone number, address, face, or other pieces of information you might already have. The complete report will show you more than you can imagine giving you ways to connect with your lost friend.

You might be shocked to find some of the information you can find about people includes:

  • Past addresses.
  • Relatives.
  • Assets (properties, boats, cars, etc.).
  • Arrest records.
  • Court judgments and records.
  • Marriages and divorces.
  • Civil lawsuits.
  • Death records.
  • Driving records.
  • DUIs.
  • Accident reports.
  • Email accounts.
  • Inmate records.
  • Liens.
  • Mugshots.
  • License plate records.
  • Phone records.
  • VIN records.
  • Warrants. 

Old Relationships Rekindle: Ways to Reconnect

There might be dozens of people that you have crossed paths with that you may consider reconnecting with, but our list below is some you may not have even thought about. 

How to Reconnect With Old Friends

Favorite Teacher or Mentor in School

Perhaps there was someone in your educational history that really made a difference to you and where you are now in your career. If you want to let them know how much their help meant to you, don’t wait another minute; get online and search for them to express your deep gratitude. Who knows, maybe this rekindling will spark even more success in your life. 

How to Reconnect With an Old Crush

Most of us have had a secret crush on that special someone, but we never told them how we felt. If the feelings remain strong after all these years, why not look the person up and finally put yourself out there and see if they feel the same way. Today is the day to take that chance and start something new. 

Finding Your Old College Roommate

Nothing is as strong as the bonds you make during college. However, after college, friends scatter, going their own way, developing careers, having families, and it’s easy to lose sight of those early close friendships. If you want to find an old college roommate or someone you were close to, look them up through public records, and you can find out if they ever got married, are divorced, or had any trouble with the law. You could even find social media accounts that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Some of the memories created during college are priceless. Look that roommate up today so you can both take a walk down memory lane. 

How to Reconnect With Old Friends

In our earliest formative years, we meet many grade school friends. Sometimes families move away, and you never see them again. In this digital age, that doesn’t mean the friendship has to end forever. You can easily look someone up and see if they are still around and find out if they want to stay in touch. Perhaps they moved back to the area years ago, and you didn’t even know it. You might be able to hit the gym together or grab a cup of coffee to catch up.

A Co-Worker You Lost Touch With

Throughout our careers, we often meet lots of co-workers. Then when you change jobs, or they do, you lose touch. If the friendship was more than just a casual acquaintance at work and you want to cultivate that friendship, look up that co-worker online and find out what they are up to, and then you can reach out to reconnect. You might be able to find social media accounts to hit them up or addresses and phone numbers. You might see a relative of theirs you know and can ask them where your co-worker friend can be found.

Regardless of who you have lost touch with and want to reconnect with, InfoTracer’s search tool can help. One quick and easy search and you could be on the road to rekindling that friendship, romance, or the start of something brand new. 

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