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Things to Know Before Finalizing Your Long Distance Relationship

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in DatingFebruary 19, 2019

14 million people in the U.S. are in a long distance relationship, and 75% of currently engaged couples were in a long distance relationship at some point. What’s more is that 3.75 million couples are in a long distance marriage. If your relationship is meant to end, it will do so after 4.5 months of being long distance. And on average, couples are separated about 14 months while in a long distance relationship. This separation is easier for women to handle typically, but in 2006 it was discovered that 1/3 of long distance relationships end anyway after reuniting.

What are The Problems With Long Distance Relationships?

Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean you’re bound for failure or marriage, but rather it seems it becomes what you make of it. If you have the necessary level of trust to not see each other for long periods of time and you don’t let it lead to constant arguments, your chances for success are far greater. If one or both of you are the jealous type and can't tell if your partner is cheating, then it’s far more likely that it will end – breaking up is far easier to do if you don’t have to physically face the person.

If the long distance portion of your relationship is known to be only temporary, and you started in the same area together, your foundation is likely to be stronger and harder to break. Military families go through this all the time, where a spouse is sent overseas for months at a time. However, a new job, school or work assignment is easier to work around if you set limits on how long you have to wait between visits.

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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship?

Knowing there’s an end to the distance can also keep the relationship strong. If you decide to visit each other no less than 1-2 times per month, for example, you will always have something to look forward to.

There is something to be said about absence making the heart grow fonder, too… couples that are in each other’s faces all day everyday report that even a short amount of time apart during a vacation or work trip will make them appreciate and miss their partner even more.

With the advancement of technology, it’s easier to stay in touch with each other regularly. Facetiming each other, or even watching movies together virtually are great ways to have “date nights” while you’re apart. Planning on longer phone conversations daily or every other day will keep each other abreast about your day-to-day activities, making you feel more connected.

What Kills Long Distance Relationships?

If you start to notice that your partner isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain on visitations or regular conversations, it’s time for a chat about it. A healthy relationship does not harbor doubt or bad feelings without getting it out in the open, and if there’s something to be discussed, it should be done immediately. There’s bound to be times that one of you gets busy with work or other obligations, but you need to reassure the other one that nothing is amiss between the two of you. 

On the other hand, smothering your partner with constant texting and calling could backfire; you don't want your significant other feel that they're in an obsessive relationship, and finding the right balance of showing that they're on your mind and you care without getting all over them is key.

Famous Long Distance Relationships

Certain professions require tons of travel or relocating for a time for work – but none so much as being a part of the royal family or a Hollywood starlet. Here are some of the most famous couples who are in long distance relationships, and their secrets to making it work:

  1. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams – These two never go more than two or three weeks without seeing each other. She lives in Los Angeles and he lives in Nashville.
  2. Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson – Khloe travels back and forth between Cleveland, where Thompson plays for the Cavaliers, and Los Angeles.
  3. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler – Austin went to New Zealand to film his second season of “The Shannara Chronicles,” but the two say it helps to have a policy to not hold in any feelings and to talk it out.
  4. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Urban is frequently away for tour dates and she is often away for filming – but Urban leaves her a love letter for every night he is scheduled to be away.
  5. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds – These two never seem to be working at the same time, so they travel to filming locations together as a family. They are never apart for more than a day.
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