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6 Most Insane Crimes Committed by Children

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in CrimeNovember 13, 2018

Children are mostly the light of their parents’ lives…but not always. There have been a few in history that have committed horrible crimes that probably made their ancestors roll over in their graves. They also made headlines across the world and are sure to go down in history. Here’s a list of the 6 most insane crimes that have been committed by children:

Erin Caffey Kills Her Family

Erin Caffey is famous for murdering her parents in 2008 after they forbade her to date her boyfriend, James Wilkinson. Wilkinson and his friend entered the family’s house in the pre-dawn hours to kill Caffey’s parents, and they also murdered her two brothers. One of the boys, Matthew, was fatally shot in the head, and the other brother, Tyler, was fatally stabbed by both Wilkinson and his friend. After the brutal murders, the two men set fire to the house to try to cover up their crimes. Caffey, Wilkinson and his friend were charged with murder and pleaded guilty.

Joshua Smith Kills His Mother

Joshua Smith, 14 at the time, fatally shot his mother while she was sleeping on the couch in their home. He had been hanging out with a bad crowd to get “street cred” and his mother gave him a curfew to keep him from staying out all night with the bad kids. She told him he was not allowed to bring girls home, had to be home by 11:00 p.m., and couldn’t hang out with the gang kids anymore. Joshua ran away after she imposed the new rule system, but later came home and sulked in his room. At 3:00 a.m. on the day in question, he shot his mother with a shotgun before escaping in a car, but police caught up to him.

Deadly Cell Phone Rules

One unnamed 15-year-old girl was so attached to her cell phone that she attacked her father with a hunting bow for taking the phone away. She had been grounded for misbehaving, and after wounding her father made him crawl to the neighbor’s house to call for help. In a sick role reversal, she refused to let him use a phone to call 911 himself. The girl was eventually arrested and charged with first-degree assault.

Teenager Kills Adopted Siblings

A 15-year-old boy decided he had enough of his siblings and fatally stabbed two of his adopted siblings while entrusted to care for them in the mother’s absence. He left the house after the stabbings, and his mother discovered the dead body of the 4-year-old boy. She then called the police and reported her 15-year-old and 10-year-old were missing. The body of the 10-year-old was discovered later in the basement of the home, already deceased. The police arrested the 15-year-old son for suspicion of homicide and sent him to juvie.

Boy Kills Mother Over Household Chores

We all hated chores as a kid, but one boy took his hatred of them overboard by shooting his mother, Sara Madrid, after arguing over chores. Her boyfriend had given the 12-year-old a handgun and taught him how to use it in emergencies. Madrid asked the boy to do some chores before she left the house, and upon her return, the boy fatally shot her with the gun. He then handed the empty weapon to his mother’s boyfriend and was later found guilty of murdering his mother.

The Medicine Hat Girl

This case is so named because the Canadian town the girl lived in was called “Medicine Hat.” Only 13 years old, she had a boyfriend of 23, Jeremy Steinke, which is just weird, to begin with. The girl allegedly called Steinke on the night of the murder of her entire family asking him to kill them all after a fight with her mother. He came to the house and killed her mother and father, then the girl used a knife to fatally stab her 8-year-old brother.

Afterward, she stole her mom’s purse to take money, then moved into her boyfriend’s trailer. She was later sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted for first-degree murder.

It’s obvious these kids were off their rocker when these crimes went down, but if you’re a parent you’re probably thanking your lucky stars your kids aren’t maniacal murderers, at the very least. BUT perhaps these will also make you think twice about that new rule you want to take effect, or having any more children at all!

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