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How to Track a Cell Phone Location without Them Knowing

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in PrivacyFebruary 15, 2021

track a phone location 

You see people tracking cell phones in movies often, but did you know you can actually do it too? With so much crime and unrest in the world today, it is more important than ever to know where your loved ones are to keep them safe. Tracking a cell phone is not just for spies; as an ordinary person, you can track your loved one's phone anytime or find out who an unknown number belongs to. 

Why Track a Cell Phone Location?

There are many reasons why you might want to track a phone's location. For parents, it gives you peace of mind to know your teen is precisely where they said they would be and not at some party or other dangerous setting. 

Perhaps you suspect your romantic partner of cheating and want to see if they really are working late or dining out at a secluded restaurant across town with a coworker.

If you have elderly members of your family who suffer from physical or mental health issues, you may want to keep track of them by tracking their cell phones. 

Regardless of the reason, being able to locate someone's exact location could mean the difference between life and death. At the very least, it will give you peace of mind or the answer that you are looking for. 

How to Track a Cell Phone Location?

There are various ways to track a phone's location. With some options, the phone owner will know about it, and with others, they will not; you can remain anonymous. In situations with your kids and elders, it might be fine for them to know you are tracking them, or perhaps not; it's your choice.

Some solutions use built-in resources such as the phone's SIM card or GPS location device, and others use an app to track the cell phone's location. 

MiniSpy App

One way to track a phone's location is through the MiniSpy app. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices (phones and tablets). You can install it quickly on the targeted device, and it runs in stealth mode, so the owner never has any idea it's on there. 

You can then pull up your dashboard using any browser and see the user's most recent calls, locations, text messages, and more! It's a full-featured app you can use to pretty much spy on someone without their knowledge. 

MiniSpy is really easy to use, even for non-technical people. There is nothing special you need to do. Just install it, create an account, and begin using it. The company offers a free plan, but you get a lot more with the paid subscription plans.

Other GPS Tracking Apps

Along with MiniSpy, which does a lot more than just track a phone's location, you can install other stealth apps onto devices to track them. A few other options include:

  • Famisafe.

  • FlexiSpy Phone Tracker.

  • Glympse.

  • My Family GPS Tracker.

  • Spyzie.

The list above is just a sampling. There are dozens more online you can research to see if they will meet your needs.


These apps work great for people you know, like family, spouses, and other loved ones where you have access to their device, but what about a total stranger?

How to Track a Stranger's Phone Location

Tracking a stranger's phone might seem impossible to do, but it's really quite easy. If you keep getting missed calls from someone you are worried about, or perhaps your significant other gets repeat calls from a number you don't recognize, you can track the phone's location to find out more.

Using a reverse phone lookup, you can find out a lot about someone, including their name, address, and often location. You can use various third-party websites to do this, including InfoTracer. It's quick and easy, simply enter the phone number and hit search.

Not only will you find out everything you want to know about the person's identity, but you can also see criminal records, marriages and divorces, court cases, arrests, incarcerations, social media feeds, photographs, secret email accounts, and more!

Other Ways to Track a Phone

If you and your family use iPhones, another quick and easy way to track them is using the Find My Phone feature. You must enable that feature on the target device for it to work. Next, you can use the Find My Phone app to track that phone at any time. You can access the Find My Phone app on any iOS device. However, you need to know the Apple ID for this to work. On the Android platform, this app is called Find My Device and works similarly. You must know the account holder's ID to track them. 

If you want to track a cell phone, try one of the methods above, or you can find various other SMS locators, GPS trackers, and reverse lookup tools to get the job done. 

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