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How to Get Someone's Forwarding Address Quickly and Easily?

Posted on by Inessa Vardzapetyan in PrivacyMarch 10, 2021

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People move all the time, but not everyone remembers to contact everyone and let them know their new change of address. If you have someone you need to get in touch with via mail, there are ways you can find their forwarding address and get in touch with them.

Your Options for Finding an Address

There are times when you need to find someone’s home address. Although it may at first seem impossible, you have options when it comes to finding someone’s new address. The fastest and easiest ways are:

The Post Office

Since when someone moves, they often fill out a forwarding order, you might think that going to the Post Office is the right move. However, unless it’s a serious legal issue and you have a judge-signed court order, the PO will probably not give you any information. If you do have one then you can get the information. 

Social Media

Social media is a wealth of information where you can find out a lot about someone. Most people leave their profile wide open for the public to see, so you might be able to find someone’s new address there, or they may have posted updates about their upcoming move and give you an idea of where they went.

Even if the person’s profile is locked, you may be able to connect with them, and then you can read the info. Send them a friend request and see what happens. Perhaps you are already connected and can easily see their recent posts and profile info. 

Some of the best social media sites to check when looking for someone’s new address are Facebook and LinkedIn. At the very least, you may find someone connected to them who will know something. 

A Friend, Relative, or Mutual Acquaintance

In many cases, you may have the same friends, family members, or a mutual acquaintance that you can ask. Connecting with everyone on social media, you could ask the question, “Hey, does anyone know where so and so moved to?” 

With a few phone calls or emails, you might get lucky and find the information quickly and easily, and your problem will be solved. 

Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator is no small task, but in some cases, it may be necessary. Depending on your situation and why you want to find that person so badly, it might make sense. Keep in mind they charge for travel, expenses, and their time, so it could add up quickly if the person is not easy to find. 

However, private investigators have access to resources that you may not, and it might be your only option. If the person committed a crime or owes you money, it might be worth taking the plunge and finding a good private investigator to do the job for you. 

Public Records

public records

You can find out a lot about someone through public records. Whenever someone buys a new home, that is posted in public records. When someone is arrested, convicted of a crime, sued in a lawsuit, gets married or divorced, or files for bankruptcy, these things are all recorded in public records. Many public records also have the person’s home address so that you could find someone that way.

However, the problem with public records is that they are spread out across many different agencies in different states, and it could be very time-consuming to get copies. Sometimes you can find public records online through government websites, but in some cases, you have to visit their offices or the courthouse. That may be impossible if the records you need are in another location that you cannot easily drive to. 

You can search online and check sites like and see if anything comes up for them. Some of the information is free, but you may have to pay to see more. 

A Better Option

A much better option is to use a specialized search engine like InfoTracer that collects millions of records from various sources and pulls them all together in one nice, easy package. The InfoTracer databases are made up of information from public records, from courts all over the country, law enforcement, government offices, federal databases, the dark web, social media, motor vehicle departments, plus other sources.

Not only will you see a complete report about any criminal activity (arrests, warrants, charges, sentencing, and incarceration) but also things like DUIs, lawsuits, marriages, divorces, property owned and purchased, assets, social media images, and feeds, email accounts, relatives, vital records, past addresses, phone numbers, email accounts, and a lot more. 

The next time you need to find someone’s address, you can try a combination of the methods listed above to hopefully get all the information you need and find their new address easily. You may even find out way more about someone than you had anticipated.

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