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Online And Offline Methods to Find Someone's Birthday

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in PrivacyDecember 30, 2019

There are times when you want to surprise someone on their birthday but realize that you forgot the exact date. It’s natural to want to wish someone a happy birthday, but first, you need their exact date of birth.

When learning how to find someone’s birthday, the problem is, you can’t ask the person directly because that’s going to ruin the surprise. Or you’re trying to figure out how to find someone’s age, but it is not polite to ask how old he or she is. Don’t worry; forgetting a critical date happens to everyone. The good news is that everything is available online these days if you know where to look. This article will teach you how to dig for information using social media and a people search service.

With these tips, you definitely won’t have problems finding out how old someone is and making a fast birthday lookup. There’s also the old, forgotten art of asking around to get the information you need.

Are you ready to find someone’s birthday?

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Birthday Lookup on Social Networks

Below are some methods of birthday lookup on social media platforms.

1. How to Find Birthdays on Facebook

One of the easiest methods to search for a person’s birthday is to look it up on Facebook. Almost everyone is on the social media networking giant, and you can get the information fast if you have an account and are friends with the person. You can enter the name of the person in the search bar at the top and then check out their Facebook profile page for details. It should have basic info like their phone number on there. If you click the About section, you can often seem more like their birthdate. If the person chooses to hide the DOB in their profile (sometimes people cover their birth dates to keep in secret how old they are), try scanning their timeline for friends who sent birthday wishes last year. In addition, family members and other loved ones may comment on their special day. Facebook also sends out a reminder of upcoming birthdays via email.

birthday lookup using facebook

You can do this method even if you’re not friends with the person yet, as long as their profile is public. For example, if the person uses a private account, you need to be friends with them first to view the pattern. You can also use your mutual friend’s timeline to see any recent birthday greetings if the friend request is taking too long.

2. How to Find Birthdays on Instagram  

You can also use Instagram to search for any past posts related to the person’s birthday – if you both have an account on the platform. Instagram is photo and image-based, making it easier to rifle through old birthday-related posts. Visit the person’s Instagram profile, view one from their friends, or check out your mutual friends’ profiles to get clues on the DOB.

You can also check the person’s tagged photos on the far right tab, under their surname. If the person has a private profile, you’ll have to send a follow request and wait for the approval.

3. How to Find Birthdays on Snapchat

Another useful social networking site to find out someone’s birthday is Snapchat. The platform will display a birthday cake emoji next to the person’s name if they specify a year in the information section. If you’re friends with the birthday person on Snapchat, type their name into your friend’s list and check if a cake appears. This approach can be tedious if you don’t at least know when the birth month is.

You can narrow down the month on the info panel by checking if the person listed their Zodiac sign. Look for the purple box emoji with symbols inside.

4. How to Find Birthdays on Twitter

To look up someone’s birthday on Twitter, check the upper left-hand side of the person’s page. There will be a neon balloon overlay on any Tweet the person does on their birthday. This method only works if the person chooses to include a DOB in their profile.

Other ways to Find Out About Someone’s Birthday

There are dozens of other ways to look up birthdays online. You can start with a Google search, check public records, or visit their LinkedIn page or other social media accounts like WhatsApp. If you know the person well, another quick and easy hack is to take a peek at their driver’s license or birth certificate.

Method 5: Use InfoTracer

If you need to discreetly find when someone’s birthday is, you can always use a people search engine. With InfoTracer, you can uncover hidden information about anyone. The service gathers and organizes billions of records from different sources. The service makes the data accessible and easy to digest for regular users. InfoTracer gets information from courthouses, consumer databases, sheriff’s records, public registries, etc. A single background check report can yield contact info, criminal records, known relatives or associates, professional licenses, and social media profiles.

Method 6: Ask Mutual Friends

If social media isn’t working out, you can always go old-school and ask around. Mutual friends are the perfect source for birthday information. Make sure you include them if you’re planning a surprise party because they may inadvertently tell the person you were asking around.

Method 7: Ask Coworkers

Another excellent source for birthday information is your coworkers if you work in the same office. Someone who has worked with the person for years ought to know the birthday details. If your coworkers don’t have a clue, speak to your boss in private and ask for help finding out via employee records. Don’t forget to tell the people you’re asking why you need this information, or else you may face some resistance. A good reason for asking around is throwing an office party for the person.

How To Find Someone’s Birthday

Method 8: Ask Family

If you know the person’s family well enough, you can ask them for help if friends and coworkers get you nowhere. If you’re a close friend of the family, get in touch with relatives and let them know you’re drawing a blank on the birthday details for some reason. Only do this method if you have personal ties with a person’s family. Otherwise, they may perceive you as someone who’s up to no good.

Method 9: Go Straight to the Source

There’s nothing wrong with taking the direct approach and asking the person when their birthday is. If it’s a person you’ve met recently, asking them is harmless and can be an excellent conversation starter. If the person is an old friend, they won’t mind if you come clean about forgetting the date. You may get roasted for being forgetful, but the occasional ribbing from your friends is part of the package.

You can choose to be subtle when asking someone directly about their birthday. For instance, you can share memories about your past birthday celebrations and ask them if they’d like to share the same. Ask probing and open-ended questions so you can put the pieces together faster. You can also talk about Zodiac signs if you’re familiar with the topic.

Another trick is to pretend you’re entering everyone’s data on your phone’s contacts list, and you need their birthday details to complete it.

Avoid asking people how old they are as a lead-in question because some people find it rude and offensive.

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